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Arts & Humanities

APB's arts and humanities speakers combine grace and zest in their unique keynote speeches, covering genres such as dance, music, and theater.

These distinguished speakers add their own creative and innovative flair to each presentation and invite you to explore a diverse array of cultural, artistic, and educational perspectives. Whether you are looking for a famous face or an acclaimed talent who will put a unique spin on the traditional lecture, APB has a speaker on the arts and humanities who will make your event a success.

Arts & Humanities

Documentary Filmmaker

Named "the most accomplished documentary filmmaker of his generation" by The New York Times, speaker Ken Burns produced unparalleled features such as The Civil War and Lewis and Clark.

NYT Best-Selling Author of 'House of Sand & Fog'

Andre Dubus III is the author of The Garden of Last Days, House of Sand and Fog (an Oprah Book Club pick and a finalist for the National Book Award), and the critically acclaimed Townie.

Award-Winning Historian & Best-Selling Author

Called "the nation's leading Presidential historian" by Newsweek, Michael Beschloss served as NBC News' first Presidential Historian.

Poet & Actor

The subject of the acclaimed documentary Lemon, speaker Lemon Andersen is taking the world of spoken word by storm with plays such as "ToasT" and "County of Kings."

Actor, Director & Author

Peter Bogdanovich has directed such classic films as The Last Picture Show and Paper Moon. He shares fascinating personal anecdotes, all of which demonstrate his love for the art of filmmaking.


One of America's most outspoken social critics, Lee is an all-around respected and talented filmmaker. Director of critically acclaimed, social conscious films including Inside Man, Malcolm X, and Do the...

Best-Selling Author

Since McMillan's breakout novel Waiting to Exhale surged onto The New York Times Bestseller List, critics and readers alike have been captivated by her irreverent, often-hilarious take on the issues faced by...

NYT Correspondent & Filmmaker Behind “Class Dismissed: Malala’s Story”

Adam B. Ellick is a Senior Video Journalist at The New York Times who reports on the world in video and print. Towing a backpack and small camera, Ellick has visited more then 70 countries, often earning a...

Author of 'The Butler: A Witness to History'

Acclaimed Washington Post reporter Wil Haygood is the author of The Butler: A Witness to History and associate producer of the major motion picture The Butler.

Leading IT Scientist

If the Big Data revolution has a presiding genius, it is MIT’s Alex “Sandy” Pentland. Over years of groundbreaking experiments, he has distilled remarkable discoveries significant enough to become the bedrock of a...

Sociobiologist & Author of The Watchman's Rattle

Business speaker Rebecca Costa is a sociobiologist who offers a genetic explanation for current events, emerging trends, and individual behavior.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

The author of such bestsellers as March, Year of Wonders and Nine Parts of Desire, Geraldine Brooks crafts fascinating, meticulously researched fiction and non-fiction.

Actor, Ugly Betty / Education Advocate

With an acting career in film, television, and theater spanning almost thirty years, Plana currently stars on the hit series Ugly Betty. A former teacher, he maintains his passion for education, serving the...

Award-Winning Actor

A versatile actor on screen, stage, and television, speaker Michael York is an authority on Shakespeare, the poetry of Rudyard Kipling, and the history and art of acting.

Actress of Stage & Screen

Jasmine Guy – performer, director, writer, and choreographer – played the iconic southern belle "Whitley Gilbert" on the Cosby Show spinoff A Different World. She has performed on stage, screen, and...

Actress & Singer

A self motivated young woman with a big dream, you most recently heard Anika Noni Rose as the voice of "Princess Tiana" in Disney's animated hit movie, The Princess & The Frog. A new and special kind of...

A Performance

Music from China captivates audiences with performances of China's rich musical traditions. Embark on a vivid musical journey as Music From China guides your imagination to the lands and the people of the Far East...

Legendary Motown Producer

Executive producer of the series Sister, Sister and Smart Guy, Emmy Award winner Suzanne de Passe began her career bringing in The Jackson 5.

Jazz Musician

World-renowned saxophonist Marsalis has always been a man of numerous musical interests. The 46-year-old, three-time Grammy winner has continued to exercise and expand his skills as an instrumentalist, a composer,...

Concert Pianist & Psychiatrist

Richard Kogan has a distinguished career both as a concert pianist and as a psychiatrist. He has been praised for his "eloquent, compelling and exquisite playing" by The New York Times and has gained...

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