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Experienced Moderators Ensure Your Program's Success

We are increasingly asked to help our association clients build programs around panel discussions or debates for their events. Event planners have found that addressing a topic or issue in such a format can significantly increase the interest, engagement and impact of an event.

The key, however, to ensuring success at such an event, lies not only in choosing the appropriate panel members, but in choosing a skilled and experienced moderator. A moderator adds structure to the discussion, makes certain important points are covered and that all participants have an adequate opportunity to be heard. Moderators also prevent the discussion from bogging down or simply running out of steam.

APB's recommended moderators do the advance preparation necessary for a successful event – from acquainting themselves with the participants to studying the topic and speaking points, they make certain they are conversant even with industry specific issues that may fall outside their areas of expertise.


Moderators who keep the energy charged and the program rolling:

A standout favorite as a moderator, Juan Williams has over 20 years of journalistic experience as an op-ed writer and correspondent for The Washington Post. A senior correspondent for NPR and political analyst on Fox News, Williams is a fascinating speaker and powerful debater who is comfortable with widely diverse audiences and a great range of topics.

The anchor of Morning Express with Robin Meade, Robin Meade has reported on everything from politics to pop culture. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of world affairs and experience in television journalism, she is an effective moderator who adds a spark to any panel discussion.

Host of CNN's State of the Union with John King, John C. King offers in-depth analysis on a blend of current affairs and social, cultural and media trends. Known for delivering news in ways that are different, he brings his versatility and knack for guiding discussion to the role of moderator.

The first black US vice presidential nominee and former Chairman of the NAACP, Julian Bond played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. Always a leader on the cutting edge of social change, he brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the role of moderator.

Senior Correspondent for PBS news program NOW Maria Hinojosa hosts the station's new series, One-on-One, interviewing some of America's foremost leaders. A popular moderator, she brings her wit, warmth, and professional wisdom to dialogue that tackles some of today's most pressing issues.

Known for getting his start as anchorman on several television news stations, Nick Clooney developed a reputation for delivering the news in an honest, no-holds-barred manner. Also a longtime columnist for The Cincinnati Post, he has covered everything from politics and human rights to entertainment. He parlays his gifts as a journalist into his role as a moderator, effectively directing the most heated panel discussions.

Speaker News & Announcements

Dan Rather: Still Betting on the USA

Dan Rather offers an optimistic view of the future of the United States in an op-ed for the Huffington Post, "Still Betting on the USA." Citing dark days in America's history as challenges that we successfully overcame, he writes, "hopefully we can look at what ails us now and see how we were able to conquer problems of the past. And the reason why I think we can do it again is because I have a deep and abiding faith in the American people." Read more

Economist Daniel Altman Talks Immigration

In a video for Big Think, economist and APB speaker Daniel Altman offers his insights on the benefits of economy-driven immigration policies (like those seen in the UK and Australia) in attracting and retaining the best and brightest among the foreign workforce. Read more

New to APB: George P. Bush

APB is proud to welcome our newest speaker to the lecture circuit, George P. Bush. Bush is the eldest son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush; the nephew of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush; and the grandson of the 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush. He is a seasoned speaker who gave his first speech to the Republican National Committee at the age of 12. Read more