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Big Data

APB represents the foremost leaders who can provide practical insights into the next frontier of Big Data. Each speaker shares pioneering discoveries, innovative strategies and customizable tools to help audiences clarify and navigate the latest advancements in technology, business, competition and productivity.

Big Data

American Sociobiologist, Expert in Adaptive Management & Technologies

Business speaker Rebecca Costa is a sociobiologist who offers insider information on the future of big data and leadership decision making.

Online Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Path

The co-founder of Path, a mobile-focused internet startup, Morin is perhaps best known as one of the co-inventors of Facebook Platform. An instrumental player in expanding the groundbreaking site’s capabilities, Morin played significant roles in...

Professor, Author, Government Adviser On Institutional Innovation

Beth Simone Noveck is Jerry Hultin Global Network Professor at the New York University School of Engineering and a Visiting Professor at the MIT Media Lab. Formerly the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Director of the...

The Leading Expert on Our Intelligent Future

Ayesha Khanna is Partner of Hybrid Realities and Director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a think tank which explores human-technology co-evolution in the "hybrid age" and its implications for society, business and politics. Khanna’s vast...

Collective Social Behavior Scientist

A physicist by training, speaker Riley Crane quantifies human behavior and social interactions and has applied his models to YouTube and the response to the Asian tsunami.

Lawyer, Economist & New York Times Best-Selling Author

A law and economics guru, Ian Ayres is a columnist for Forbes and writes for the NYT Freakonomics blog. He is also the co-founder of stickK, a website that incentivizes sticking to goals.

Photographer & Big Data Expert

Rick Smolan is a former Time, Life & National Geographic photographer and the CEO of Against All Odds Productions, which combines storytelling with state-of-the-art technology.

Leading IT Scientist

If the Big Data revolution has a presiding genius, it is MIT’s Alex “Sandy” Pentland. Over years of groundbreaking experiments, he has distilled remarkable discoveries significant enough to become the bedrock of a whole new scientific field:...

Global Economist & Bestselling Author

Speaker Daniel Altman is a visionary economist whose work has revolved around identifying long-term solutions to problems facing the global economy.

Expert on How Technology is Shaping Business & Employee Behavior

Allison Cerra is a leading expert in consumer identity & psychology - specifically, how these are formed and altered by our increasing reliance on technology.

Co-Founder of Blackboard & Current CEO of PrecisionHawk

Michael Chasen is an entrepreneur who is focused in the technology, education, and Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) space.

Author of Information Is Beautiful & Infographics Expert

An author, data-journalist & information designer, David McCandless champions the use of data visualizations to explore new directions for journalism. He is the author of Information Is Beautiful.

Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor and Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor

Seth’s “take-no-prisoners” approach toward identifying and eradicating inefficiencies, coupled with his driven leadership and commitment to accountability, transformed the once-maligned U.S. Department of Labor into the federal government’s...

Renowned Technology Entrepreneur & Academic

Called “Silicon Valley’s most provocative voice” for his ideas on technology trends, globalization, U.S. competitiveness, and the future, Vivek Wadhwa’s work puts him at the heart of where innovations—technological and otherwise—are being...

Technology Journalist & Author

Nick Bilton is an expert on how our byte-sized and ever-mobile culture affects our brains & our lives, and how companies can harness that knowledge to engage consumers & grow their business.

Business Futurist & Author

Renowned global futurist Jack Uldrich is founder of The School of Unlearning, an international consultancy dedicated to helping businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations prepare for and profit from periods of profound transformation....

Founder & CEO of Tomorrow and Business Consultant

Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a consumer innovation research lab, Mike Walsh advises some of the world's leading brands and corporations on what's coming next in their industry.

Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine

At WIRED, the iconic source for news on technologies, design and the changing world, Scott Dadich leads a team who report, write and create stories about how tomorrow is being realized. Dadich’s presentations help you better understand how...

Big Data Expert & Professor, Math & Statistics

Dr. Talithia Williams is Associate Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. She recently gave a TED talk (currently over 1 million views) titled “Own Your Body’s Data.” She exemplifies the role of teacher and scholar through outstanding...

Internet Pioneer, Ethernet Inventor, 3Com Founder & Professor of Innovation

Bob Metcalfe fathered the Ethernet, founded a multibillion-dollar company and changed the way we compute. Metcalfe has not only been there from the beginning, he helped create it. He offers audiences a complete picture of where we’ve come from,...

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