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American Program Bureau offers professional speakers who are leaders and successful entrepreneurs from within the business world. Presenting on topics such as Motivation and Inspiration, Leadership, Human Resources, future trends, technology, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, our business speakers all have one thing in common: they know their subject matter from the inside out.

Combining insider knowledge with unparalleled experience, these keynote speakers on business are able to translate conventional wisdom and practices into modern, practical tools that will change the way you do business.


Business Futurist & Author

Renowned global futurist Jack Uldrich is founder of The School of Unlearning, an international consultancy dedicated to helping businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations prepare for and profit from periods of profound transformation....

Winner of The Apprentice & Star of Giuliana & Bill

Bill Rancic burst onto the national scene when he was hired by Donald Trump as the winner of the first season of NBC's breakthrough program The Apprentice.

Political Activist, Entrepreneur & Public Servant

George P. Bush is the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the grandson of President George H.W. Bush, and the nephew of President George W. Bush. He is a political activist, proponent of public service, and literacy advocate.

Former NFL Quarterback and Authority on Leadership, Leading Change & Accelerating Performance

Following his successes as an NFL quarterback, Rose Bowl Champion, Pac-10 Conference “Player of the Year,” Tom Flick now applies his winning ways as a dynamic and highly sought-after speaker to companies that include Microsoft, Marriott,...

Behavioral Economist, Social Entrepreneur & Author

Existing at the intersection of academia and practical implementation is Dean Karlan, a behavioral economist & Yale professor who uses his knowledge to solve problems in the nonprofit arena.

Enron Whistleblower

The former VP of Enron, speaker Sherron Watkins blew the whistle after alerting the then-CEO that Enron "might implode in a wave of accounting scandals."

Subject of Extraordinary Measures

When his children were diagnosed with a rare and fatal disorder, John Crowley embarked on a journey to find a cure. His story was told in the film Extraordinary Measures.

Entrepreneur & First Female Private Space Explorer

Speaker Anousheh Ansari is both the first female private space explorer and the first Iranian astronaut. She also co-founded Telecom Technologies and Prodea Systems.

Former President of Colombia

Former Colombian President César Gaviria --known in Latin America as a conflict mediator, advocate of democracy, staunch supporter of regional integration and defender of human rights-- also served as the first elected Organization of American...

World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist

Dr. Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized authority in Einstein's unified theory field; innovation; and "the future of the future" - exploring and predicting the science of tomorrow, from computing power and artificial intelligence to...

Advisor, World Economic Forum

A respected economist, speaker Xavier Sala-i-Martin focuses on such issues as economic development, world markets, innovation and competitiveness.

Founder, Ethos Water, Founder and CEO, Liberty United & Recognized Social Entrepreneur

Driven by a vision to provide clean drinking water to developing nations, speaker Peter Thum founded Ethos Water, which has donated millions to safe water initiatives.

World Boxing Champion & Entrepreneur

A boxing legend, ordained minister, successful entrepreneur, celebrity speaker and larger than life persona, Foreman credits a good part of his success to his spirituality and God being behind the scenes in every stage of his life. He explores...

Technology Pioneer, Best Selling Author & Conference Keynote Speaker

A popular business author and former leadership coach at Yahoo!, speaker Tim Sanders enlightens audiences with the key to better business.

Organizational Consultant

The author of Leadership and the New Science, speaker Margaret J. Wheatley organizes chaotic organizations by applying natural science principles.

Business Consulant

As a highly sought-after business advisor, Dr. Ram Charan provides advice that is down to earth and relevant and that takes into account the real-world complexities of business.

Business Author

Dr. Paul Marciano's strategies – supported by decades of research and practice – create an organizational culture of respect that results in a more effective organization, with reduced turnover and absenteeism and employees at all levels who are...

Political Risk Expert

Ian Bremmer is the president of Eurasia Group, a global political risk research and consulting firm, and the author of Every Nation for Itself, The End of the Free Market and Superpower.

Google & Twitter Innovation Guru

Former head of special initiatives at Google and an advisor to Twitter, speaker Chris Sacca helps organizations develop cutting-edge customer service and attract talent.

"The Connection Expert"

An expert in life balance and management, and one of Australia's most popular speakers, Gore speaks on group dynamics, overcoming stress, change and lifestyle, communication, and gender differences within a community. A powerful motivator, Gore...

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