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American Program Bureau offers professional speakers who are leaders and successful entrepreneurs from within the business world. Presenting on topics such as Motivation and Inspiration, Leadership, Human Resources, future trends, technology, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, our business speakers all have one thing in common: they know their subject matter from the inside out.

Combining insider knowledge with unparalleled experience, these keynote speakers on business are able to translate conventional wisdom and practices into modern, practical tools that will change the way you do business.


Author of the Trendspotting Books

Author of 2011: Trendspotting and CEO of RLM PR, Richard Laermer is an oft-quoted source for media and other influential types on topics regarding the future of this crazed world.

Expert in Sports & Performance Psychology

US News & World Report called Dr. Kriegel "one of the country's leading authorities in change, human performance, and innovative thinking." He is the best-selling author of Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, a commentator on NPR...

Business Expert / Motivator / Author

Best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker Scott McKain's captivating presentations and best-selling books clearly reveal how to create more compelling connections between you and your customers, and how to stand out and move up,...

Best-Selling Author, Business Consultant & Olympian

Vince Poscente used his unique perspective on business and speed to reach the gold medal round of the Olympic speed-skiing competition only four years after deciding to compete - with no previous racing experience.

Author, Economic and Social Theorist, Advisor to the European Union and Heads of State, and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends

Jeremy Rifkin is an American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor, and activist. Rifkin is the author of 20 bestselling books about the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the...

Best-Selling Author & Urbanist

Richard Florida is the author of the best-selling books The Rise of the Creative Class: And How It’s Transforming Work, Leisure Community and Everyday Life, The Flight of the Creative Class, and his latest book, Who’s Your City?,...

Entrepreneur & Former NBA Team Owner

Responsible for resurrecting the Philadelphia 76ers, speaker Pat Croce was the first person to ascend from the training room to the boardroom of a professional sports team.

Artist & Motivator

Committed to leading businesses to new levels of vision and performance through creativity, speaker Erik Wahl helps people identify - and overcome - roadblocks to success.

Former Head of Training at Walt Disney University

Lipp, an internationally acclaimed expert on customer service, leadership and global competitiveness, motivates and challenges audiences around the world. Formerly with the Walt Disney Company's Disney University and NEC Electronics, Lipp has...

Generational Expert & Co-Founder of BridgeWorks

Author and generation expert Lynne Lancaster is co-founder of BridgeWorks, a company dedicated to helping corporations and associations bridge the generation gaps in the workplace and marketplace.

Corporate Execution Strategists

Afterburner Inc. was founded in 1996 by U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Jim “Murph” Murphy and trains organizations around the world in the simple, scalable improvement processes of Flawless ExecutionSM. Encompassing three management solutions,...

"The Ethicist"

Emmy Award-winning Randy Cohen pens "The Ethicist," a weekly column for The New York Times Magazine, which answers readers' ethical questions spanning all topics.

Global Futurist & Author

Named "the digital guru" by CNN and "Dr. Future" by Yahoo!, speaker James Canton has been insightfully predicting key trends in business for the past 30 years.

The Leading Expert on Our Intelligent Future

Ayesha Khanna is Partner of Hybrid Realities and Director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a think tank which explores human-technology co-evolution in the "hybrid age" and its implications for society, business and politics. Khanna’s vast...

Leadership & Change Management Guru

John Kotter is Leadership Professor at Harvard University. He has blazed new trails in how we understand leadership as a force for change in any organization, and in the distinction between leaders and managers. He is the author of 15 books.

Author, Entrepreneur & Teacher

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. An international bestseller; it explains what the rich teach their children about money, that the poor and middle class do not. "The main reason people struggle financially is because...

Strategy & Leadership Expert

Julian Birkinshaw is Chair of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at London Business School, co-founder of the Management Lab, and a fellow of the Academy of International Business.

Political Economist & Consultant

With a unique awareness of the intersection of politics, economics, and emergent technologies, speaker Marvin Zonis develops effective training programs for business leaders.

Technology Forecaster & Business Author

As one of the world's leading technology forecasters, speaker Daniel Burrus offers powerful and practical guidance for turning rapid technology-driven change into a competitive advantage.

Human Resource & Leadership Expert

Speaker David Ulrich is co-founder of The RBL Group, a consulting firm that helps organizations deliver value by defining themselves through the capabilities they possess.

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