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American Program Bureau offers professional speakers who are leaders and successful entrepreneurs from within the business world. Presenting on topics such as Motivation and Inspiration, Leadership, Human Resources, future trends, technology, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, our business speakers all have one thing in common: they know their subject matter from the inside out.

Combining insider knowledge with unparalleled experience, these keynote speakers on business are able to translate conventional wisdom and practices into modern, practical tools that will change the way you do business.


Entertainer & Customer Service Expert

Seminar leader Ross Shafer has made meeting planners look like heroes. Funny and relevant, he has addressed such organizations as Microsoft, Toyota and Sprint.

Award-Winning Music Historian

One of America’s foremost music historian-educators, Dr. John Edward Hasse helps audiences understand the power music has to move and inspire us to greater heights. A gifted pianist, brilliant author, and editor of several books, including ...

Educator / Psychotherapist / Author / Humorist

A psychotherapist, ordained minister, and pop culture analyst, Dr. Miller addresses the fast-paced, ever-changing modern American culture and the resulting stress present in many areas of our lives. Delivering a unique message of what it takes to...

Subject of "The Rookie"

Jim “The Rookie” Morris’ inspirational and transformational message about following your dreams and having a game plan for success connects with audiences, young and old, male and female. His life story is the inspiration behind the Walt Disney...

Marketing Strategist

Known as "America's market strategist," speaker Thom Winninger analyzes what makes market leaders tick and explains how you can apply similar practices for success.

Former CBS News Senior Vice President

McGinnis is the former Senior Vice President, News Coverage, CBS News responsible for all aspects of the news, including worldwide news gathering, breaking news, hard news and crisis coverage, as well as the operation of all national and...

Management Trainer & Consultant

Speaker Bruce Tulgan is the leading expert on young people in the workplace and an authority on leadership and management. He advises business leaders worldwide.

Former US Congressman/Professor

Serving as a member of Congress for 16 years, he was a senior member of the House Republican leadership as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, a member of both the House Appropriations and Budget Committees, and ranking member of the...

Social Forecaster & Consultant

Speaker David Pearce Snyder helps clients be successful by distinguishing short-term fads in their operating environments from long-term realities.

Entrepreneur / Best-Selling Author / Syndicated Columnist

Gray is an American "rags-to-riches" story of success, perseverance, and hard work. Raised in the projects on Chicago's south side, Gray defied the odds and became a self-made millionaire by 14.

Best-Selling Author, 'Driving Growth Through Innovation'

Speaker Robert B. Tucker shares with audiences winning techniques to gain market share and profit from change by out-innovating the competition.

Consultant / Facilitator

For nearly 20 years, Sam Geist has distinguished himself as a professional speaker, consultant, and facilitator to a diverse group of organizations across North and South America. Geist motivates, stimulates and challenges audiences to ask tough...

Athlete & Motivator

Although physically challenged, speaker Roger Crawford became the first athlete with a severe handicap to compete in a NCAA Division I college sport.

NASA's Longest Serving Administrator

Having served three US presidents as the leader of NASA, Goldin transitioned the agency from a Cold War-focused mission to one of global leadership in revolutionary, scientific, and technical pursuits. A senior fellow at the Council on...

Co-Founder, NBA's Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic co-founder speaker Pat Williams is one of the most successful executives in NBA history and an avid fitness champion.

Consultant / Author

Inspirational business speaker Simon T. Bailey is the author of Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You Inc., which forms the basis for many of his inspirational, business-oriented speeches.

Motivator & Comedian

A professional variety comedian for over twenty years, with numerous television and Las Vegas credits, Miles died in a hang gliding accident and was revived by emergency room doctors. True courage - he came to realize - is not facing death in...

Paralympic Medalist

Once told he may never walk again, speaker Mike Schlappi is now a two-time world champion in wheelchair basketball. He inspires people from all walks of life.

Cartoonist and Writer, Close to Home

John McPherson is the cartoonist and writer behind the renowned comic panel Close to Home. McPherson has published more than 20 book collections of his work, yearly block calendars, and an award-winning line of greeting cards. He also...

Chairman of O’Leary Financial Group & Shark Tank Investor

As the son of a travelling international business expert, Kevin O’Leary had the opportunity to live and be educated in Cambodia, Cyprus, Tunisia, Ethiopia, France and Switzerland. Now the Chairman of O’Shares Investments and in addition to ...

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