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Civil Rights

Whether they discuss the African American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the current fight for gay marriage and other GLBT rights, or any other struggle for individuals' freedom, APB's civil rights speakers deliver empowering keynotes that clearly display their dedication to each and every person's dignity. From activists and politicians to journalists and authors, APB's speakers on civil rights promise to inspire and engage your audience.

Civil Rights

Lead Attorney for the Family of Trayvon Martin

Distinguished lawyers whose names are on the pages of American History books are not there because of their pedigree, their alma mater, or even their affluence — it is because of the landmark cases they won and how their success has changed...

Civil Rights & Peace Activist

One of the pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement, Nash helped form the Nashville Student Movement, which aimed to desegregate the city’s lunch counters, and coordinated the Freedom Ride from Birmingham, Alabama, to Jackson, Mississippi. Most...

Scholar, Author & Civil Rights Historian

Clayborne Carson was selected by the late Mrs. Coretta Scott King to edit and publish the papers of Martin Luther King Jr. He studies his life and the movements he inspired.

Civil & Women's Rights Activist

Speaker Kim Crenshaw coined the term "intersectionality" and had her work cited in the drafting of the South African constitution.

Civil Rights Activist & Politician

Former Presidential candidate, civil rights activist Reverend Jackson is one of the best known and most influential voices of American political and social activism. Called “the great unifier,” he has played a pivotal role in virtually every...

Political & Social Activist

A leading voice in civil rights, speaker Al Sharpton is founder and president of the National Action Network, which supports community businesses and combats corporate racism.

Civil Rights Activist

Wife of slain civil rights activist, Medgar Evers, Evers-Williams became the first woman to lead and restore the credibility of the NAACP during a time when it was surrounded by scandal and controversy. She continues her activism on behalf of...

Chair of the NAACP

Recently named Chairman of the NAACP, Roslyn M. Brock has served the organization for the past 25 years. She is the youngest person and the fourth female chairperson in the organization's history.

Award-Winning Journalist

Charlayne Hunter-Gault is an award-winning journalist with more than 40 years in the industry, extending her work at various times to all media. She has made a success of challenging convention with her fresh insights on issues both close to home...

Educator, Author & Activist

Dr. Muñoz has been honored as one of 28 1960s civil rights activists "Who accomplished Extraordinary Deeds that changed the face of the Nation and gave birth to the Modern Civil Rights Movement." He was the founding chair of the first Chicano...

Executive Director of the ACLU

The first Latino and openly gay Executive Director of the ACLU, Romero has greatly increased and energized members, transforming the ACLU into an organizational powerhouse championing civil liberties. In his new book, In Defense of America,...

Author, Educator & Historian

A former chair of the US Civil Rights Commission, law professor and civil rights historian, Dr. Mary Frances Berry defends the rights of all people, supporting issues from fair housing to equal...

Columnist & Law Professor

The recipient of the MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award," speaker Patricia J. Williams is the author of Seeing a Color-Blind Future.

Political & Business Leader

Former President and CEO of the NAACP, Maryland Congressman, and Chairman of the Black Congressional Caucus, Mfume is credited with rebuilding and revitalizing the NAACP. As a leader, activist, and seasoned political voice for diversity, he...

Pulitzer Nominee, Award-Winning Author & Reporter

Best known as the author of the New York Times bestseller The Butler: A Witness to History, Wil Haygood is a distinguished writer whose career has spanned decades. He was an associate producer on the film adaptation of his book, ...

Civil Rights Activist

The daughter of George C. Wallace - one of the 1960's most ardent segregationists - speaker Peggy Wallace Kennedy has broken her family's legacy to become one of the nation's foremost voices on justice...

Civil Rights Activist, Law Professor & Attorney to the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown Families

Known for her representation of the Trayvon Martin family, Jasmine Rand excels in the civil rights arena. In addition to her dynamic legal practice, Rand is currently scheduled to provide guest lectures in more than a dozen nations throughout the...

CNN Political Analyst, Lawyer & Activist

Speaker Bakari Sellers views himself as a public servant who believes education, civil rights and equality are the cornerstones of our nation’s future.

Emmy-Nominated Documentary Filmmaker

Emmy Nominated Producer/ Director, Keith A. Beauchamp attended Southern University in Baton Rouge where he studied Criminal Justice with the intention of becoming a Civil Rights Attorney.

Executive Director of the American Islamic Congress

As co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit American Islamic Congress, speaker Zainab Al-Suwaij works to promote a positive Muslim American voice.

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