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Business Ethics

Corporate Governance

High-profile cases involving the abuse of corporate power keep on making their way into the news. American Program Bureau's corporate governance speakers are aware of the tell-tale signs that can lead a company down the wrong path. These speakers on corporate governance understand the benefits it provides and will advise your audience on how to build a structure that will keep up the integrity of your business.

Corporate Governance

Head of Fast Company

As the head of Fast Company, Robert Safian is known for highlighting the “new” in business while keeping reverence for the “tried and true.” Fast Company continues to explore new ways of doing things,...

Former Head of All US Army Installations

With 34 years in the US Army at his heel, corporate speaker Rick Lynch has distinguished himself as an exceptional leader & strategist.

Senior Fellow, Harvard University’s Center for Ethics & Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist

Ron Suskind is a unique talent: A Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, best-selling author, teacher, essayist and one of the best speakers in the country. He is among our most honored journalists, having written...

World Renowned Economist & Global Thought Leader

An international thought leader renowned for his strategic ingenuity for building stability in very unstable environments, Stanley Fischer offers a unique perspectives of the relationships between world markets,...

Public Intellectual & Social Scientist

Howard Gardner has spent the last thirty years researching & writing about the development of the mind. He is the mastermind behind the revolutionary theory of "multiple intelligences."

The Bernie Madoff Whistleblower

Harry Markopolos was catapulted into the spotlight as the man who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff and his $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Passionate about fixing the system and preventing future abuses, Markopolos speaks...

Former Presidential Candidate & Consumer Advocate

A former Green Party candidate for president, Ralph Nader fights for the people on the issues that matter most: healthcare, safety, environment, ethics, education, and economic & social equality.

President of Ireland (1997-2002) & President of the Mary Robinson Foundation

The first female president of Ireland and former UN Commissioner for Human Rights, speaker Mary Robinson is a global humanitarian and renowned world leader.

"The Ethicist"

Emmy Award-winning Randy Cohen pens "The Ethicist," a weekly column for The New York Times Magazine, which answers readers' ethical questions spanning all topics.

Former Chairman, Federal Reserve

A legend in economics and finance, speaker Paul Volcker has spent his illustrious career in top positions with the US federal government and on Wall Street.

Organizational Consultant

The author of Leadership and the New Science, speaker Margaret J. Wheatley organizes chaotic organizations by applying natural science principles.

Founder & Director of The Governance Lab

Beth Simone Noveck is the founder and director of The Governance Lab and its MacArthur Research Network on Opening Governance. The GovLab aims to improve people’s lives by changing how we govern using advances in...

Leading Authority on Business Ethics

Speaker Joseph L. Badaracco Jr. is a professor of business ethics at Harvard University. He has penned several books on ethics in business, leadership, decision making and...

Former Foreign Minister of Spain

The former Foreign Minister of Spain, Palacio was the first female to serve in the position and, at the time, held the most senior post ever filled by a woman in the Spanish government. Also a lawyer specializing in...

Former Vice Chairman, Wal-Mart

The former senior vice chairman of Wal-Mart, speaker Don Soderquist believes that business ethics are an essential element in creating a high-performance organization.

"The Ethics Guy"

Speaker Bruce Weinstein has a simple purpose: to show you that you will be better off professionally and personally if you make ethics the foundation of every decision.

Business & Leadership Expert

A popular business author and former leadership coach at Yahoo!, speaker Tim Sanders enlightens audiences with the key to better business.

Former CEO, American Heart Assoc.

A trusted voice in the health and wellness community, speaker Cass Wheeler reorganized the American Heart Association's structure and substantially increased revenue.

Former President & CEO Of The American Red Cross

Jack McGuire served as interim President and CEO of the American Red Cross from December 13, 2005 – May 28, 2007. He will continue to serve as Executive Vice President of Biomedical Services, the position he assumed...

Best-Selling Author & Motivational Coach

Matthew Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author, and Founder and President of Beresford Consulting—a consulting firm based on the belief that your organization can only become the best version of...

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