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Whether you view the United States as a melting pot or a mixing bowl, the fact remains that our nation is richly diverse. APB is proud to represent an extensive roster of diversity speakers whose keynotes address the multicultural nature of our nation. These speakers on diversity discuss the importance of valuing one's particular identity—whether that be a specific ethnic, gender, or racial assignation—while recognizing the common threads that bind us.



An extraordinary model of leadership and motivation for anyone who’s experienced hardship or challenge in life, the story of The Three Doctors touches children, at risk teens, and adults alike. Once teenagers...

Hip-Hop Pioneer / Scholar

Fab, now considered one of hip-hop's architects and pioneers, has lectured at schools and universities around the world, published numerous articles for various publications including The New York Times Magazine and...

Multicultural Diversity Expert & Author

Diversity consultant and speaker Lenora Billings-Harris is the author of The Diversity Advantage: A Guide to Making Diversity Work.

Co-Founder, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

One of the founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Under his leadership, economic empowerment was a major component that resulted in millions invested in the black community. Launched the first...

Journalist & Co-Creator of Baldo Comic Strip

Through sophisticated and gentle humor, speaker Hector Cantu gives a peek into the daily lives of a Latino family in his nationally syndicated newspaper comic strip, Baldo.

Attorney, TV Commentator & Latina Advocate

A Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Children's Medical Center Dallas, Regina Montoya is a Harvard-trained attorney who was one of the first Latinas to earn partnership in a major law firm in the United...

Former Head of Training at Walt Disney University

Lipp, an internationally acclaimed expert on customer service, leadership and global competitiveness, motivates and challenges audiences around the world. Formerly with the Walt Disney Company's Disney University...

Former Congressman / Columnist for "The New York Times"

Flake established a reputation for bipartisan, innovative legislative initiatives to revitalize urban commercial and residential communities. He is currently President of Edison Charter Schools; the largest publicly...

National Teacher of the Year, 2002

Speaker Chauncey Veatch, a history and social studies teacher in California, strives to be a "dream-maker for [his] students, not a dream-breaker."

Best-Selling Author & Screenwriter

Best-selling novelist Elizabeth Atkins delves into the sensitive dynamics of family, friendship, love and race in her novels, White Chocolate, Dark Secret, and her newest, Other People's Skin. A...

Sociologist & Harvard Professor

A Harvard professor and America's preeminent sociologist, speaker William Julius Wilson speaks on ethnic and class tensions, rising inequalities, and the racial divide.

Secretary General, Council of Women World Leaders

Liswood co-founded the Council of Women World Leaders and located it at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. The work of the council expands the understanding of leadership, establishes a network of...

Deputy Political Director for Civic Engagement at the National Democratic Governors Association

Neal is the Deputy Political Director for Civic Engagement at the National Democratic Governors Association in Washington, DC. Formerly, he was the youngest National Director of the Youth, College, and Young Adult...

Academy Award Nominated Director of The Square & Control Room

Noujaim's controversial documentary Control Room, about the Arabic-language cable news station Al Jazeera, called into question the prevailing images and positions offered up by the US news media about the war...

Public Intellectual

An assistant professor at Bucknell, Peterson founded Hip-Hop Scholars, an association of hip-hop generational scholars dedicated to researching and developing the educational potential of diverse urban and youth...

President and CEO, MANA

For the past seven years Alma Morales Riojas has led the oldest national Latina membership organization in the United States – MANA, A National Latina Organization. MANA is a non-profit organization headquartered in...

Host, "Tell Me More"

The host of NPR's "Tell Me More," Martin has spent more than 25 years as a journalist. Her inquisitive nature and passion for the latest groundbreaking topics make Martin an interesting and informative keynote...

Expert on American Indian Culture

Speaker Dennis Zotigh is the director of The Great American Indian Dancers and an enlightened voice on topics surrounding American Indian culture.

First African American Female Combat Pilot

In only 3 years, Vernice Armour went from beat cop to America's first African American fighter pilot. She went on to create the Zero to Breakthrough Success Plan.

Lawyer & Former Attorney General

US Attorney General under Presidents Reagan and Bush, speaker Richard Thornburgh advises the business community on legal issues in the international and domestic markets.

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