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As educators themselves, APB's education speakers advocate for a fair and just educational system as a vital component to shaping children's minds and lives. These speakers on education offer inspirational messages as well as cogent advice about educational issues including reforming the system, developing potential, and improving performance while best preparing our children for the future.


Mayor of Miami

As mayor, speaker Manny Diaz transformed Miami from a poor, crime-ridden, and economically stagnant city to a flourishing metropolis with a hurtling skyline.

Scholar & Educator

Speaker Linda Darling-Hammond is professor of teaching at Stanford University, where she focuses on school restructuring and teacher education.

Education Expert on Assessment & School Reform

Dr. Douglas Reeves is one of the most noted experts on education and school reform. As a researcher, reformer, and educator, he has received some of the most noteworthy awards in his respective fields. Authoring over 30 books, Dr. Reeves is one...

Author, Educator & Historian

A former chair of the US Civil Rights Commission, law professor and civil rights historian, Dr. Mary Frances Berry defends the rights of all people, supporting issues from fair housing to equal...

Sociologist, Educator & Author

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, a MacArthur prize-winning sociologist, is the Emily Hargroves Fisher Professor of Education at Harvard University, where she has been on the faculty since 1972. She is the author of nine books.

Psychologist / Author

Renowned psychologist and author of Reinventing Childhood, Elkind provides the information and guidance that parents and teachers need to work effectively with the new generation of children in our care. He is currently Professor Emeritus...

Political & Business Leader

Former President and CEO of the NAACP, Maryland Congressman, and Chairman of the Black Congressional Caucus, Mfume is credited with rebuilding and revitalizing the NAACP. As a leader, activist, and seasoned political voice for diversity, he...

Child Advocate

Founder and Director of the Children's Defense Fund and best-selling author. She achieved victories in mandatory education for children with disabilities and health benefits for uninsured children.

Children's Advocate & Founder of Stand for Children

One of the most inspiring leaders of his generation and one of the country’s leading education reformers and voices for children, Edelman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stand for Children. In his inspirational presentation, he teaches advocacy...

US Army Retired Lieutenant Colonel / Education Advocate

Kickbusch is the highest ranking Hispanic woman in the Combat Support field in the US Army, who is recognized at national level for her work on issues including teen pregnancy, gang violence and parenting education.

Filmmaker of Bully & Poet

The writer and producer of Bully, a documentary film charting "a year in the life" of America's bullying crisis, Cynthia Lowen explores the roots and ramifications of bullying on the playground, and how it...

Grandson of Nelson Mandela, Founder of Africa Rising Foundation

As the grandson to Nelson Mandela, Ndaba Mandela is ensuring that his grandfather’s legacy lives on through his continuing work to ensure Africa’s brighter future. Among Ndaba’s efforts is the Founding of the Africa Rising Foundation, an...

Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago & Author of “The Why Axis”

Can economics be passionate? Can it influence people and what really matters to them day-in and day-out? And help us understand their hidden motives in everyday life? John List is a revolutionary. His ideas and methods for revealing what really...

NYT Correspondent & Filmmaker Behind “Class Dismissed: Malala’s Story”

Adam B. Ellick is a Senior Video Journalist at The New York Times who reports on the world in video and print. Towing a backpack and small camera, Ellick has visited more then 70 countries, often earning a front row seat to historic events...

Musician & Activist

Part of the legendary musical trio Peter, Paul and Mary, Yarrow is also a devoted activist whose educational nonprofit, Operation Respect, helps assure children a welcoming environment conducive to learning.

Pioneering Advertising Researcher, Filmmaker

Internationally recognized for her groundbreaking work on the image of women in advertising and for her critical studies of alcohol and tobacco advertising, Jean Kilbourne is renowned for her ability to present provocative topics in a way that...

Transformative Presentation

I Am The Change is an exciting program that exemplifies how “the power of one” can transform the world.

Best-Selling Author of Raising Global IQ: Preparing our Students for a Shrinking Planet

Carl F. Hobert directs Boston University s Global Literacy Institute and is the author of the bestseller Raising Global IQ: Preparing our Students for a Shrinking Planet (Beacon Press). He offers conflict-resolution simulation workshops...

Two-Time Grammy Winner, Storyteller, Author & Family Entertainer

A master storyteller connects us and intimately affirms our lives with resonant truths, no matter how embroidered, funny, mysterious or horrific the tale. Bill Harley, a two-time Grammy Award winner and multiple Grammy nominee, is a master...

Autism Advocate & Founder of The Miracle Project

Hall developed "The Seven Keys to Unlock Autism" and used these methods to train staff and volunteers and to create The Miracle Project, a theatre and film program for children of all abilities, which was profiled in the Emmy-winning HBO...

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