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As educators themselves, APB's education speakers advocate for a fair and just educational system as a vital component to shaping children's minds and lives. These speakers on education offer inspirational messages as well as cogent advice about educational issues including reforming the system, developing potential, and improving performance while best preparing our children for the future.


Supreme Court Justice / Former Professional Football Player

Minnesota’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Alan C. Page, was elected to the court in 1992 after serving as an assistant attorney general. He was reelected in 1998 and 2004.

Founder and CEO, Room to Read

Speaker John Wood left a career at Microsoft to form Room to Read, a nonprofit helping children in the developing world escape poverty through education.

Preeminent Polar Explorer

Ann Bancroft is the first known woman in history to cross the ice to the North and South Poles. She leads the Ann Bancroft Foundation, a nonprofit organization that celebrates the potential of females.

Elementary School Teacher / Author

A thirdgrade teacher and thus a witness to the joys of discovery, Done inspires readers with the everyday adventures and milestones of his 32 third graders in his irresistible collection of bite-sized essays, 32 Third Graders and One Class...

Human Genetics & Evolution Expert

An authority on genetics, ethics and the human future, speaker Gregory Stock discusses everything from designer babies to the slowing down of the aging process.

Creator of the Ig Nobel Prizes

Speaker Marc Abrahams is the creator and emcee of the Ig Nobel Prizes, which honors the unusual and imaginative in science, medicine and technology.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist / ADHD Authority

Katherine Ellison is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, former foreign correspondent, writing consultant, author of four books, and mother of two sons. She is the author of Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention, a memoir from a...

Parenting Expert & Psychologist

The author of several books on parenting, speaker Anthony Wolf has appeared widely in the media sharing his take on surviving parenthood.

Human Rights Activist

Chris Mburu has been doing human rights work for the last 20 years, first as an activist in his home country, Kenya, then focused on human rights while doing his LLM at Harvard Law School, after which he began working with organizations such as...

Former Malaysian Prime Minister

Speaker Mahathir Bin Mohamad is an expert on Asia and global development, and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Adventure Sports & Travel Journalist / Author

Writer, educator, public speaker, and entertainer Buddy Levy is a co-star of the new hit television series Brad Meltzer's Decoded on The History Channel. As a freelance journalist he has covered adventure sports and lifestyle/travel...

Co-Founder & Creative Director, The Miracle Project

Diane Isaacs is a film and television producer with over 20 years of industry experience. As President of Green Moon Productions, a film company she co-founded with Antonio Banderas, Diane produced the Emmy-nominated HBO historical drama And...

Videogame Designer

Games are becoming the medium for everyday life, says videogame designer Jesse Schell. As CEO and Founder of Schell Games, Jesse is a true thought leader on how games can improve work, education, customer connections, and much more.

Pro Football Player, Rhodes Scholar & Humanitarian

A gifted athlete, scholar, and philanthropist, Myron Rolle is a professional football player, Rhodes scholar, and humanitarian who strives to be an inspirer of dreams, an educator of purpose, a teacher of fitness, and a leader for many.

Scientist / Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Augustus A. White is a scientist who has distinguished himself on several fronts, most notably orthopaedics.

Inventor of SixthSense

Pranav Mistry is one of the inventors of SixthSense. He is a research assistant & a PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab. Before joining MIT he worked as a UX Researcher with Microsoft.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author & Columnist

Tina Rosenberg is co-writer of the New York Times "Fixes" column and author of Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World.

Best-Selling Author & Creator of the “Dignity Model”

Dr. Donna Hicks, author of the best-selling book Dignity: It’s Essential Role in Resolving Conflict, has gained worldwide recognition for her unique approach to transforming conflict by shedding light on our universal desire to be treated...

Author, Humorist & Public School Advocate

Award-winning writer, New York Times notable author, academic and host of the syndicated radio show "The Loh Down on Science," which reaches over 4 million people each week, Sandra Tsing Loh is the author of the best-selling new book ...

Senior Fellow at International Center for Leadership in Education

Eric Sheninger is a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) and Scholastic Achievement Partners (SAP). He presents and speaks nationally to assist other school...

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