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Scientists across the globe have made exciting forays into renewable energy sources such as solar, water, biomass, geothermal, and wind energy. We are proud to represent a robust roster of energy speakers who eagerly educate their audiences on the energy crisis we face - and what we can do about it. Our speakers on energy offer fascinating keynotes on how to improve on sustainability while maintaining a realistic view of the future.


Oil, Energy & Sustainability Expert

Amy Myers Jaffe is a leading expert on the geopolitics of oil, energy, security, risk and an influential thought leader on global energy policy and sustainability. As the executive director of the program on energy and sustainability at the...

Renowned Expert on Energy, Environment, Food & Technical Advances

A leading expert on energy and global infrastructure, Vaclav Smil sheds light on the fact that moving away from fossil fuels to alternative energy fields will be a complex undertaking which will require enormous investments. His more than 30...

Politician & Founder of Citizens Energy Corporation

The oldest son of Robert F. Kennedy and a former Democratic congressman, Joseph P. Kennedy II devotes his energies to the nonprofit world.

Vice Chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

A highly respected authority on international politics, economics and on energy, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin shares with audiences unmatched compelling and informative insights into both the U.S. and world economies as they relate...

The World's Leading Geo-Strategist

Parag Khanna is the leading next-generation voice on the future of global affairs. Named one of Esquire magazine's 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century, Khanna was a foreign policy advisor to President Barack Obama during his...

Energy Journalist & Author

One of America's foremost energy journalists, Robert Bryce exposes common misconceptions about green energy. His writing has established him as an incisive authority on the world's energy future.

Oil Expert / Author

Antonia Juhasz is a leading oil and energy expert. She is an award-winning policy-analyst, author, and journalist, covering all aspects of oil and energy policy with a specialization on the role of oil in conflict, particularly the US wars in...

EPA Administrator under President Obama

A career public servant in both Democratic and Republican administrations, Gina McCarthy has been a leading advocate for common sense strategies to protect public health and the environment for more than thirty years.

The Leading Expert on Our Intelligent Future

Ayesha Khanna is Partner of Hybrid Realities and Director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a think tank which explores human-technology co-evolution in the "hybrid age" and its implications for society, business and politics. Khanna’s vast...

American Sociobiologist, Expert in Adaptive Management & Technologies

Business speaker Rebecca Costa is a sociobiologist who offers insider information on the future of big data and leadership decision making.

Former Presidential Candidate & Consumer Advocate

A former Green Party candidate for president, Ralph Nader fights for the people on the issues that matter most: healthcare, safety, environment, ethics, education, and economic & social equality.

Environmental, Clean Energy & Democracy Thought Leader

Phil Radford is an American environmental, clean energy and democracy leader who, as the youngest Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, convinced Facebook, Apple and other high tech companies to shift to 100% clean energy. His work to change over...

Environmental Leader

Christine Ervin is a national leader on market-based strategies for green buildings, clean energy and climate change. Former US Assistant Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration overseeing clean energy technologies, and first President...

Energy & Environment Expert / Former Clinton Advisor

Ian Bowles is an energy innovator with experience in foreign policy, state regulation and clean energy entrepreneurship. He served as an environmental advisor for President Bill Clinton.

Business Futurist & Author

Renowned global futurist Jack Uldrich is founder of The School of Unlearning, an international consultancy dedicated to helping businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations prepare for and profit from periods of profound transformation....

European Politician & Finance Expert

Speaker Pedro Solbes served as the European Commissioner of Economic and Monetary Affairs, overseeing the euro's integration across the EU.

President of Green Cross International & Former Adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev

An expert on sustainability and "survivability," environmental speaker Alexander Likhotal is president and CEO of Green Cross International.

Former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA

Former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, Passacantando is a sought after environmental speaker who leads the fight for clean air, clean water, and the survival of our planet. Offering a shockingly honest “State of the Planet” address, he...

Futurist, Trend & Innovation Expert

As one of the world's leading futurists and trend and innovation experts, speaker Jim Carroll lends his expertise to a diverse client list that includes the BBC and Disney.

Executive Producer of "Living On Earth"

With issues of pollution and global warming dominating the public agenda, Steve Curwood explores these topics and more as executive producer of NPR's "Living on Earth."

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