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APB Healthwatch Catalog

Issues in medicine and healthcare are at the forefront of the national consciousness now more than ever. APB's Healthwatch catalog includes medical experts, physicians and practitioners, complemented by celebrity advocates and survivors, fitness and nutrition gurus, and professional athletes. Covering a range of topics including aging, brain injury, cancer, caregiving, diabetes, fitness, biotech, heart disease, men’s health, nutrition, wellness, women’s health, patient empowerment, and the hotly debated healthcare reform bill, our selection of speakers can educate, motivate or inspire any audience.

Featuring a roster of exclusive speakers that includes the past three Surgeon Generals of the United States and a former director of the World Health Organization, APB takes pride in having some of the most prestigious and knowledgeable voices in healthcare addressing the most pressing issues of today.

Helping you Choose the Right Healthcare Speaker for Your Event

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Whether you are planning a health and wellness event for caregivers and the local community or a professional development event for your staff, it is crucial to choose a healthcare speaker whose message resonates with your audience and creates a lasting impression. We have categorized the 125+ recommendations into 16 easy to browse sections, in order to better help you identify the best speakers for your event. Click on the sections below for the TOP recommendations in that category or download the catalog to browse the entire section.

Medical Expert Speakers
Medical Experts

These speakers have reached the top of the medical field through exemplary leadership and revolutionary research.

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The Future of Healthcare Speakers
The Future of Healthcare Policy

APB’s healthcare policy speakers deliver educated analyses and explanations of the recently passed reform and future implications.

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Health Care Quality and Patient Empowerment Speakers
Quality & Patient Empowerment

These speakers stress the importance of education, decision-making, planning, and evaluation of one's own healthcare.

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Care for the Caregiver Speakers
Care for the Caregiver

Our speakers bring passion, experience, and a deep understanding of what it is to be the caregiver and the cared for.

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Obesity, Fitness and Nutrition Speakers
Obesity, Fitness & Nutrition

Our fitness and nutrition speakers instruct audiences on incorporating fitness and nutrition into a balanced lifestyle.

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Mental Health and Substance Abuse Speakers
Mental Health/Substance Abuse

These speakers are dedicated to understanding and promoting mental health, and erasing the stigma of mental illness.

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Health Disparities Speakers
Health Disparities

Our health disparities speakers attempt to control and make people aware of health disparities all across America.

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Aging: Shifting Demographics Speakers
Aging: Shifting Demographics

These speakers discuss the life changes we all face, and advise how to enhance the communications between generations in the workforce.

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Cancer Speakers

Our cancer speakers guide audiences on how to face the difficult challenges of such a potentially devastating illness.

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Womens Health Speakers
Women's Health

Our women’s health speakers educate, enrich and empower women in all walks of life on the importance of health and well-being.

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Mens Health Speakers
Men's Health

Sharing their knowledge with humor and insight, our men's health speakers don't just entertain; they inform and inspire.

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Wellness and Balance Speakers
Wellness & Balance

Our wellness and balance speakers guide an audience on the quest to incorporate healthier practices into their lives.

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Neurology and Brain Injury Speakers
Neurology & Brain Injury

Our speakers on neurology and brain injury draw from personal and professional experience to educate audiences on this vital topic.

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Heart Disease and Diabetes Speakers
Heart Disease & Diabetes

Our heart disease and diabetes speakers stress the ability we sometimes have to prevent such illnesses and shed light on treatment options.

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Overcoming Obstacles Health Speakers
Overcoming Obstacles

Having faced a variety of challenges throughout life, these speakers share life lessons and perspectives driven by an unparalleled motivation.

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Technology in Medicine and Biotech Speakers
Technology in Medicine/Biotech

These speakers explore the incredible medical advances that technology has influenced in recent years and shed light on the future.

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