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HR / Workforce / Workplace

With topics including training, workforce development, and the workplace culture, American Program Bureau's keynote speakers provide an extensive view in to managing human capital and drawing out the best your workforce has to offer. APB's human resource speakers, workforce speakers, and workplace speakers help organizations understand gaps within their workforces, and what can be done to bridge them.

HR / Workforce / Workplace

Founder and Chairperson Emeritus, Kinko's Inc.

As the founder of the leading business service chain, Kinko's, Orfalea embodies what it takes to succeed in corporate America. By combining creativity and innovative thinking with a compassion for people, he led his...

Expert in Training & Development

The drive behind Southwest Airlines' climb to a #1 ranking in customer service and employee satisfaction, Jason Young is renowned for his innovative strategies and trainings.

Expert on Relationships in Business

Steve Van Aperen is globally known as an expert in building relationships built on trust in the corporate world.

Consultant on Organizational Change

Currently teaching MBA and executive level courses in leadership, interpersonal dynamics, and organizational development, Porras co-authored the international bestseller, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary...

Trump's Right Hand Man

One of Donald Trump's two advisors on The Apprentice, George H. Ross handles foreign investments, leasing and operations.

Business Leader & Author

A trendsetter in the business community, speaker Jim Cathcart is the founder and CEO of Cathcart Institute, Inc., which helps clients create and grow high-value relationships.

Child Psychiatrist & Author

In the fast pace of today’s business, many of us are often driven to distraction, consumed with worry, feeling displaced and functioning on overloaded circuits. In his newest book, Crazybusy: Overstretched,...

Author, The Feminine Mistake

A former contributing editor to Vanity Fair, Leslie Bennetts is the author of bestseller The Feminine Mistake, which looks at the price women pay when they leave...

Former Presidential Candidate & Consumer Advocate

A former Green Party candidate for president, Ralph Nader fights for the people on the issues that matter most: healthcare, safety, environment, ethics, education, and economic & social equality.

Author, Entrepreneur & Teacher

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. An international bestseller; it explains what the rich teach their children about money, that the poor and middle class do not. "The main reason people...

Consultant / Facilitator

Heller has spent eight years with Tom Peters Company serving as the Chief Inspiration Officer. He is a consultant, trainer and speaker that designs programs to enhance leadership, team building and customer service...

Diversity Consultant / Keynoter

Samuel Betances is a powerful speaker on issues of diversity, race relations, gender issues and education. He is the creator of the audio series Ten Steps to the Head of the...

GLBT Expert

Named "the godfather of gay sensitivity training" by The New York Times, McNaught is the best-selling author of three watershed books on gay issues, and is the country's leading corporate diversity consultant dealing...

Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan

Speaker Kate White led Cosmopolitan to become the US's top-selling women's magazine. She motivates others to reach goals in their personal and professional lives.

Psychologist, Author & Motivator

Janet Lapp is the author of the acclaimed books Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air and Dancing with Tigers. She created and hosts the highly rated CBS series Keeping Well.

Leading Business Motivator

Patricia Russell-McCloud helps organizations make positive change by analyzing leadership, workplace diversity, business ownership, operation, and more.

Consultant / Author

Dr. Nate Booth is a leadership expert who educates audiences on how to thrive in times of rapid change. He is the best-selling author of Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage.

Conductor / Symphonic Music Presenter

After a distinguished career at the helm of two American orchestras, Roger Nierenberg is now emerging as a creative force for innovation in the presentation of symphonic music. Nierenberg created the "Music Paradigm...

Generational Expert

Meagan Johnson specializes in an "in-the-trenches" approach to customer service and human dynamics. Her common-sense insights help audiences navigate the challenging waters of relationships with both customers and co...

Global Business Consultant

As a partner at Vantage Partners, speaker Larraine Segil builds corporate relationship management capabilities and consults on alliances and developing global competencies.

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