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Landmark achievements are seldom accomplished alone; they are spurred by motivation from mentors, peers, and family members. APB's motivational speakers inspire audiences to move outside their comfort zones, chase their biggest dreams, and identify and reach their full potential in their inspirational keynotes.


Decathlon World Champion

From a fist-fighting, drug-using, and pre-suicidal youth, Clay became the "World's Greatest Athlete" in the decathlon.

Child Advocate

From a foster child and teen dad, Salter has become a leading child advocate, devoting his energies to neglected and abused children through The Shane Salter for Kids Foundation.

Olympic/Paralympic Games Medalist

Ever since Patrick "Blake" Leeper was a child, he has been determined to be a star athlete. Although Leeper was born a bilateral below-the-knee amputee, he was raised to believe the only disability in life is a bad attitude. Using prosthetics...

CEO, Kathy Ireland Worldwide

One of the most successful supermodels in history, business speaker Kathy Ireland is the CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a design and marketing company.

Star of Little People, Big World

The star of TLC's Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff inspires audiences around the country through his determination to succeed in life despite being born with a rare form of physically debilitating dwarfism.

Motivational Speaker & Author

Speaker Christine Cashen, one of today's most dynamic motivators, delivers a fast-paced, hilarious program with useful content that has made her in demand worldwide.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author & Journalist

Sonia Nazario, a former projects reporter for The Los Angeles Times, has spent more than two decades reporting and writing about social issues, earning her dozens of national awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing for her...

Winner of The Apprentice & Star of Giuliana & Bill

Bill Rancic burst onto the national scene when he was hired by Donald Trump as the winner of the first season of NBC's breakthrough program The Apprentice.

Productivity & Time Management Expert

Laura Stack is a leading expert in the field of employee productivity & workplace issues, having consulted with Fortune 500s for nearly 20 years. She is the author of What to Do When There's Too Much to Do.

Adventurer / Author / Motivational Speaker

An adventurer, motivational speaker, and author of A Test of Will: One Man’s Extraordinary Story of Survival, Warren Macdonald recalls the horror of a 1997 climbing accident that left him caught under a one-ton boulder in a freak rock fall...

NBA Champion & Wellness Advocate

An athlete, actor, entrepreneur, talk show host, philanthropist, and wellness advocate, John Salley has dedicated himself to helping others find happiness through healthy living.

Two Time Olympic Judo Gold Medalist

Kayla Harrison made history by being the first American (man or woman) to win two gold medals in Judo at the 2012 Olympics in London and the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Her victory marks another step in a career characterized by success at the sport’s...

Survivor of the Amazon

A philosopher and riveting storyteller, Yossi Ghinsberg survived 28 days in the Amazon before becoming an advocate for the treatment and rehabilitation of opiate addicts.

Best-selling Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, Host of Exactly

A gifted storyteller and talented interviewer, Kelly Corrigan has touched hearts and captured audiences
with the themes of her three New York Times best-selling memoirs about family.

Inspirational Football Coach

The memorable coach behind the hit film 'Remember the Titans,' Boone transformed a racially divided football team into a united group of state champions. He delivers a message of respect and teamwork.

Founder of &

As founder of and, speaker Jeff Taylor is recognized as a visionary business leader. He advises businesses on how to break away from the competition.

Inspirational Educator & Author of The Freedom Writers

Erin Gruwell helped students "written off" by the system harness the power of education to graduate high school. Her dedication to her students resulted in the publication of The Freedom Writers Diary.

Grammy-Winning Country Legend

An incredible storyteller, Milsap tells his inspirational story in a rich program, I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World, interspersing songs with the defining moments of his life. By sharing his life in song, Milsap inspires others to...

CEO, Commissioned Poet & Author, Millennial Advocate

Azure Antoinette has written poems for Maria Shriver and the American Cancer Society, speaking on universal human issues. Using performance poetry to explore the effects of technology on culture, her work...

Scientific Investigator, NASA

Having made history as the leader of NASA's pioneering robotic drive across Mars, Steven Squyres shares insights and photos that will ignite interest in the sciences.

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