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15 APB Speakers Named to Fast Company’s 2014 “Most Creative People in Business 1000” List

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For over 50 years, American Program Bureau (APB) has provided a forum for audiences to hear cutting-edge ideas from the world’s foremost business experts.

Throughout its five decade evolution, APB has grown to be regarded as the primary source for innovative presenters with the ability to foresee the trends and technologies that shape and transform society. As further testament to APB’s leadership in this area, fifteen APB speakers have been recognized by Fast Company in its new “Most Creative People in Business 1000” issue.

Fast Company selected these esteemed honorees based on their brilliant contributions to the development of pioneering growth strategies and entrepreneurial spirit. Click below for more information on how each speaker has truly made a difference in today’s economy:

Troy Carter
Soraya Darabi
Tal Dehtiar
Maelle Gavet
Graham Hill
Chris Hughes
Dave Morin
Beth Simone Noveck
Sheryl WuDunn
Tammy Tibbetts
Pat Mitchell
Hans Rosling
Joe Rospars
Rachel Shechtman