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APB Speaker Dan Schawbel Highlights the Top Business Trends in 2017

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2017 will bring many changes: a new President, Generation Z entering the workforce and new trends in business. APB speaker Dan Schawbel—Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace—specializes in updating the workplace to match changing business and employee needs, especially as the younger generation joins the workforce. Schawbel dedicated recent months to conducting research and conversations with employees from entry level to executive positions and discovered the top workplace trends for 2017.

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Schawbel explains how the job market will continue to improve with higher salaries and benefits. A major trend on the rise is employee satisfaction. Companies aim to increase employee retention rate by creating a better experience for employees through such efforts as work flexibility, casual work wear, student loan assistance, massages and even Seamless credit.

Another trend Schawbel highlights is the change in workplace structure. Companies are pairing full-time employees with freelancers; freelancers will soon represent 40% of the workforce as they solve on-demand problems and cut costs for a company. Furthermore, this team-based structure fits Gen Z and millennials as they age into employment and management. Finally, companies are making innovative changes to stay competitive.

Businesses constantly change to remain ahead of the competition and acquire the best talent possible. Therefore, employers need to showcase where and why they can bring value to millennial applicants. Don’t fall behind, let Dan Schawbel share the hottest trends to help your organization thrive.