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New to APB: 'Downton Abbey' Insider Jessica Fellowes

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APB is honored to announce that Jessica Fellowes - the #1 best-selling author of The World of Downton Abbey and its follow up, The Chronicles of Downton Abbey - has joined our roster.

The niece of Lord Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer of the Downton Abbey series, Jessica Fellowes is a prolific writer and public speaker who focuses not only on the characters, sets, and plot lines of the show, but also on its sociohistorical context, particularly as it relates to the changing role of women, the rise of technology, and the crumbling of class hierarchy in post-WWI Britain.

In her fascinating keynote speeches, she draws deft parallels between the world of Downton and the world of today.

Learn more about Jessica Fellowes by visiting her speaker page.