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David Elkind

Psychologist / Author


What has happened to the American family in the last few decades? How are these changes affecting our children? Dr. David Elkind, renowned child psychologist and author of The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon, has devoted his career to understanding the changing American family.

Dr. Elkind, Professor Emeritus of Child Development at Tufts University, shows us the very real difference between the mind of a preschool child and that of a school-age child. He makes it clear how much children can learn when they are presented with appropriate challenges. He describes how miseducation ignores these developmentally appropriate practices, attempting to teach the wrong things at the wrong time. And finally, he shows how early miseducation can cause permanent damage to a child’s self- confidence, the loss of the positive attitude a child needs for learning, and affect the development of natural gifts and potential talents.

Also the author of All Grown Up and No Place to Go, Miseducation, and most recently The Power of Play, Dr. Elkind’s research has been in the areas of perceptual, cognitive and social development. He is the past President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and has hosted the Lifetime Television series, Kids These Days.

Recently marking the 20th anniversary of its release, The Hurried Child has been updated to include an up-to-the-minute look at today’s children in terms of the Internet, school violence, classroom culture and a growing societal incivility. Dr. Elkind’s message has relevance for a whole new generation of parents—perhaps once “hurried children” themselves.

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