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Janet Rosenzweig

Child Health, Safety & Welfare Expert


Janet Rosenzweig makes life safer for children, easier for parents, and more rewarding for professionals who have dedicated their careers to serving children and families. With diverse experience in every form of child safety and welfare – combined with impeccable credentials including a PhD in social work, an MPA from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, a MS in health education, and a BS in family studies – Rosenzweig has enjoyed academic appointments at multiple institutions plus 20 years of service in government and nine years running New Jersey's largest private organization fighting child abuse. She currently serves a national constituency as Vice President for Research and Programs for Prevent Child Abuse America and as a member of The National Coalition to Prevent Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children. Additionally, she has taken her academic background as a sex educator to all of these roles.

In 2010, her professional stature was acknowledged when Governor Christie appointed her New Jersey's commissioner for the Department of Children and Families. When her nomination was derailed by special-interest groups and party politics she chose to serve children and families by writing her 2012 book, The Sex-Wise Parent: The Parent's Guide to Protecting Your Child, Strengthening Your Family, and Talking to Kids About Sex, Abuse, and Bullying (Skyhorse, 2012). An updated and expanded edition was released in 2015 as The Parent’s Guide to Talking About Sex: A Complete Guide to Raising Sexually Safe, Smart and Healthy Children.

Rosenzweig speaks to parents about the easy and effective ways they can protect their children and make their communities' institutions safer; she speaks to peers with the voice of an experienced, caring colleague identifying challenges and offering solutions. An alumna of Penn State, she has returned to that community multiple times in the wake of the Sandusky tragedy offering workshops for parents, teachers, and other professionals. Janet Rosenzweig is an enthusiastic, high energy, engaging speaker uniquely qualified to help parents, educators, community leaders and public service professionals ensure the sexual health and safety of children in families, schools, and communities.


The Sex-Wise Parent

There is no greater influence on a child's sexual health and safety than their parents, and too many parents underestimate their power! Parents can inoculate their children against sexual exploitation and support their sexual health, but most parents feel woefully unprepared to do so. As an expert in family relations and sex education, Dr. Janet Rosenzweig can share the single most important lesson parents must teach their children, and offers tools and support to help them do so.

Protecting Our Children

From juvenile jails to suburban classrooms, from rural child abuse investigations to statewide service systems, Dr. Janet Rosenzweig has served children and families from a host of perspectives. She combines the expertise developed through impeccable academic credentials with boots-on-the-ground experience to offer practical and inspirational insights into child welfare, child protection, and juvenile justice.

Monitoring School Climate: Sex & Bullying

Educators know that a healthy school climate is associated with positive outcomes ranging from reduced violence to higher academic achievement. Dr. Janet Rosenzweig adapts the science of school climate to help schools develop and maintain a healthy sexual climate. With as many as 5% of graduates reporting a sexual contact with school personnel before graduation and high-profile stories in the news daily, this is a topic filled with advice that school districts can't afford to ignore!

The Power of Parenting

Even the most confident and successful professional can take a blow to their self-confidence when they don’t know what to do with or for their child. From soothing a crying baby to setting the right limits for teens, parents need information and support to unleash their power to raise safe and healthy children and Dr. Janet Rosenzweig is ready to provide it in a comforting and understandable way, with a special emphasis on psychosexual development.

Sexual Health & Safety for Families, Organizations & Communities

The flood of high-profile cases of sexual abuse is a constant reminder that there is much to be done in prevention. As one example, how many people know that a great deal of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by other young people? Dr. Rosenzweig does and offers advice and tools for parents, public officials, social and civic organizations, and organizations serving youth for recreation and athletics on reducing liability and keeping children safe.

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