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Joseph "Reverend Run" Simmons

Entrepreneur & Spiritual Leader


Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons is a pioneering musician, accomplished author, fashion mogul, and star of MTV's hit reality show Run's House.

With his trademark Adidas kicks, black sweatsuits, and gold chains, Simmons has become far more than a rapper, an MC, or a lyricist. The man once known as the superstar rapper "Run" from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group Run DMC found a deeper calling and reemerged to the world as "Reverend Run," sharing his ministry with millions of fans both old and new. The author of Words of Wisdom, he touches people worldwide through his written works, music, fashion, and television endeavors.

The namesake behind Run Athletics, Simmons has put out the wildly successful icon shoe. Teaming up with his brother Russell, CEO of Phat Farm, he has continued to remain a key player in the apparel industry.

Never straying too far from his musical roots, Simmons released a solo album titled Distortion. Samples of Run DMC hits continue to be heard on radios worldwide, as new artists find ways to incorporate that tried-and-true old-school sound into their new tracks. Simmons also toured with his friend and collaborator Kid Rock.

Simmons is most famous these days as America's favorite father on his and his family's reality show Run's House on MTV. With television as his medium, he was able to send out his message to fans and disciples that family is what life is really about. Due to the success of the show, Simmons and his wife Justine released a book entitled Take Back Your Family, which put on paper their tips for successful parenting.

Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons looks forward to continuing to touch people worldwide through his written works, music, fashion, and television endeavors. The young man from Hollis, Queens, with big dreams and even bigger drive and talent has made his mark on the world as one of the most influential men in American pop culture. For this, he feels grateful and blessed.


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