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Lee Woodruff

Author & Media Contributor


Lee Woodruff knows that life changes in an instant. One minute, you’re a successful freelance writer and businesswoman, mother of four children, and wife of Bob Woodruff, the newly appointed co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight. The next minute, your life turns upside down when your husband is severely wounded in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq while anchoring a broadcast.

Woodruff held their family together, providing the extra support her children needed, as well as providing moral and physical support to her husband during his slow recovery from near-death. She and Bob wrote a compelling account of their amazing journey in the New York Times bestseller In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing.

Above and beyond their own incredible personal ordeal, they made the decision to help others, founding the Bob Woodruff Family Fund for Traumatic Brain Injury “to raise money to assist members of the military with cognitive rehabilitation and other care needs following traumatic brain injury suffered in service to their country.”

In her best-selling book, Perfectly Imperfect – A Life in Progress, Woodruff tackles the universal topics of life, such as family, friends, and marriage, with heart and humor. A personal account that explores the memorable moments that have shaped her life, Woodruff connects with readers with her down-to-earth, compassionate style - one she describes as "more Leave It to Beaver than Sex in the City." This was followed by her first novel, Those We Love Most, which became a New York Times bestseller and won the Washington Irving Book Award for fiction. Woodruff is a contributing reporter for CBS This Morning, commenting on a variety of home, current events, and family-related topics.

A testament to strength and grace during life's many challenges, Lee Woodruff is a popular inspirational and motivational speaker who conveys a message of love, healing, and an understanding that we're all fighting our own battle.

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Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress

With the publication of her new book, Perfectly Imperfect, Woodruff continues her often funny, sometimes poignant and always resilient take on life. In a Nora Ephron meets Erma Bombeck delivery, Woodruff connects audiences with the many commonalities and anecdotes of being a daughter, mother, friend, working woman, and caregiver. She also draws on some of the life lessons and experiences she chronicled in her number one best-seller "In an Instant," which details her family's journey of recovery after her husband Bob was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

With the same witty sense of humor she brings to her reporting on CBS This Morning and her down-to-earth delivery, Woodruff takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride of self-deprecating humor and shares some of her wisdom from having traveled on the "grittier pavement in life."

One of the most popular aspects of her presentation are the insightful and often surprising tips Woodruff has to offer anyone going through a difficult time or the people surrounding them, from what to say and what not to say to what to do, Woodruff lays it out for the audience in an engaging fashion.

Life Changes in an Instant

Based on the NY Times bestseller she co-wrote with her husband Bob Woodruff, In an Instant, Woodruff details her and her husband's ordeal in this keynote presentation. It is a highly inspirational story describing her husbands painstaking recovery from traumatic brain injuries sustained while covering the war in Iraq. However, the travails, courage, and eventual triumph of the caregiver, Lee herself, and the impact on and of her children is a poignant, entertaining, and often even humorous look at how a family is impacted and reacts to prevail when their lives are changed "in an instant". Woodruff also describes the horrible toll that traumatic brain injury takes on others - particularly service people returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and the struggles that they, their families, and our society face in healing and reintegrating into civilian life.

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