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Mike Vance

Creativity Expert & Motivator


Mike Vance was in charge of Idea and People Development for Walt Disney Productions, Disneyland and Walt Disney World. He was Dean of Disney University, famed for its superlative training programs which set a new standard for customer service in the world. The management development programs Vance created to prepare the leadership cadre for Walt Disney World have become exemplary models. He is considered one of the outstanding innovators in management development, training and building corporate cultures.

His companies helped in the start-up of Apple Computer. Co-founder, Mike Markkula said, "We couldn't have done what we did at Apple without Mike Vance." Vance worked with them in building the company culture, called "Apple Values," that shaped the spirit of the PC revolution. He helped design and create General Electric's multimillion dollar high tech maintenance and training center which introduced and pioneered the concept of team centers and prototype learning.

Andy Rooney, writing about speakers in his column, said, "Mike Vance, he works more than anyone else." The reason Vance is requested so often is that his dynamic style hits hard with a wealth of good ideas geared at getting things done. His calendar is filled with repeat customers such as: AT&T, General Electric, WPP, Motorola, Sun Micro Systems, Glaxo-Wellcome, Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser Busch, Coca Cola, and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Vance began talking about "Out of the Box Thinking" nearly thirty years ago, popularizing the phrase in his "Think Out of the Box" Seminars. He and Dianne Deacon co-founded the Creative Thinking Association of America to awaken and stimulate the creative urge in all of us, by providing resources for unleashing human potential. They have written the widely acclaimed books: Think Out of the Box, Break Out of the Box-Techniques for Achieving Breakthroughs, and Raise the Bar-Creative Strategies to Take Your Business and Personal Life to the Next Level.


Raise the Bar

Think Out of the Box

Break Out of the Box

Revival of the Fittest

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