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Patrick "Blake" Leeper

Olympic/Paralympic Games Medalist


Patrick “Blake” Leeper, eight-time Paralympic Track and Field international medalist, world record holder and three-time American record holder started his medal run in 2011 at the Parapan American Games where he took his first silver in the 100-meter dash. He went on to compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, where he picked up two more medals, a bronze in the 200-meter dash and silver in the 400-meter dash, losing to South African Oscar Pistorius, whose world record of 45.39 seconds is Leeper is chasing. In 2013, Leeper also took four medals at the Paralympic World Championships in Lyon, France, where he ran as part of the world record-setting 4x100-meter relay gold medal team. At the same event he took the silver medal in the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash and 400-meter dash.

Patrick “Blake” Leeper was chosen by the US Paralympics to represent Team USA in Rio 2016. At the Paralympic trials, he set a new American record in the 200m with a time of 21.5 and a new America’s record in the 400m at 46.1. He took silver in the 100m despite loosing a prosthetic leg crossing the finish line live on NBC.

Leeper’s medal collection includes one gold, six silver and one bronze. Over his career, he hopes to win more medals than any Paralympic athlete in track and field. He is also striving to be the first American track and field Paralympian who qualifies for the able bodied Olympic trials. In addition to the medals he has already won, Leeper holds one 2013 Paralympic world record in the 4x100m relay and three American records in the 100-meter dash (10.91).

On June 21st the day after a one-year suspension for the use of a non-performance drug discovered after participating in an event on June 20th 2015. Leeper broke his own American record in the 200-meter dash (21.49) and smashed the 400-meter dash record with a time of (46.54). Leeper’s world record for his part in the 4x100-meter relay still stands today.

The 26-year-old Leeper, who was born without legs from a congenital birth defect, did not start racing until 2010. It was at his first ever race in Edmond, Oklahoma that he caught the attention of the Associate Director of High Performance for U.S. Paralympics Track and Field, who convinced his parents to let their son move into the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, where he started his habit of winning. That’s when Leeper left the University of Tennessee to embark on a journey that no one could envision for a kid from Tennessee born without legs.

Patrick “Blake” Leeper is the new host of Transformation on the Quest Nutrition channel. Transformation features inspiring people who have undergone incredible transformations, mind and body.


My Personal Story

Born without legs below his knees, Patrick "Blake" Leeper has never been one for excuses. He has defied the odds and won countless titles as a Paralympic runner. Now, he shares his personal yet inspiring story with all audiences. Taking them through every twist and turn, this articulate young man will have everyone on the edge of their seat, leaving the event with a sense of confidence and the determination to never give up.

Finding Abilities in Your Disabilities

Patrick "Blake" Leeper has faced insurmountable obstacles as a paraplegic athlete. However, he has never let his physical disabilities stop him from following his dreams. Leeper uses his life and the lessons learned as the guideline to teach audiences to find the positive abilities in their seemingly negative disabilities. Whether the wall in front of you is physical or emotional, this speech provides practical advice to push forward as well as motivation to challenge yourself to overcome any barrier you may face.

Running Towards Your Dreams

In this speech, Patrick "Blake" Leeper defines what it means to set your mind to accomplishing your wildest dreams. Using sport analogies and personal stories, he inspires audiences to run towards their dreams rather than walk. His encouraging and powerful message will help others believe in themselves, remain persistent and ultimately embrace their flaws to achieve their goals.

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