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Patti Solis Doyle

Former Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton


As campaign manager for Hillary Clinton for President, Patti Solis Doyle was the first Hispanic woman to lead a presidential effort in the United States – working hard in a business where it is rare for females to lead major campaigns, and where minorities in key positions are even harder to find.

A long-time advisor to Senator Clinton, Solis Doyle previously served as Executive Director of HILLPAC and Friends of Hillary, the Senator's political action committee and Senate re-election campaign. As Executive Director, Solis Doyle managed the public relations strategy, fundraising, corporate and organization outreach, and campaign staffing for the organizations, which together represented one of the largest and most successful Democratic fund raising operations in the US.

Having avoided the limelight for years, Solis Doyle is recognized as an effective and low profile leader, with exceptional organizational and political abilities. The Washington Post described her as a "first among equals in Clinton's inner circle" and someone who has the political gift to "smell danger long before encountered."

Prior to establishing HILLPAC, Solis Doyle served in the White House as an Assistant to the President and as Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady. In this capacity, she worked to promote Clinton administration policies on children, health care and women's issues, and to assist with political support for Democratic candidates nationwide. She also managed the execution of Senator Clinton’s overseas travel, selecting and coordinating events to further the US diplomatic and foreign policy goals.

During Senator Clinton's 2000 Election Campaign, Solis Doyle coordinated press, policy, political, and scheduling operations, and served as a member of the executive advisory committee to determine day-to-day campaign management.

Solis Doyle has been honored by Hispanic Magazine with the "2007 Latinas of Excellence Award" for her accomplishments in the area of government, politics and civil leadership. She also received Siempre Mujer magazine's Siempre Inspiran award, honoring remarkable Latinas whose achievements and contributions to their communities are helping shape the future of Hispanic women in this country. Hispanic Business Magazine recently counted her among America's 100 Most Influential Hispanics.

Solis Doyle is the youngest of six children to Santiago and Alejandrina Solis, who emigrated to the US from Mexico in 1954.


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