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Roger Fisk

Veteran Senior Campaign Staff for Obama


Two United States Presidential campaigns have redesigned the framework for macro-communications in the 21st century: Obama '08 and Obama '12. Reaching tens of millions of people, the campaigns set the new standard of connecting with individual voters, involving them in the process, and uniting them behind forward-reaching ideas, capturing the imagination and power that only individuals linked collectively could produce. These two campaigns revolutionized the micro - studying and learning from each voter, each consumer - and in the process designed nimble applications that used that information to maximize response and engagement.

Roger Fisk has had a key behind-the-scenes role in President Obama's organization since the then-senator announced his run for president in February 2007. Fisk has seen from the beginning the development of cutting-edge organizing strategies, the application of agile online organizing tools, and a truly innovative, thoroughly modern mobilization of social media.

With six months of service on the President's successful 2012 reelection, Fisk has worked with all of those tools as they were perfected in the second campaign.

Since the historic 2012 reelection, he was part of the team that coordinated the social media contingency plans for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration and in late January 2013 watched as his former boss and mentor John Kerry became Secretary of State.

These experiences have provided Roger Fisk with a deep understanding of 21st-century presidential politics and the global landscape they both impact and reflect. He has been quoted or referenced in The New York Times, Reuters, the Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Billboard Magazine, and numerous blogs and is currently working on America Was My Office, a book that shares the stories and lessons of travelling the country across three presidential campaigns.

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Big Data as the Map to Success

The Obama reelection proved groundbreaking in many ways, but none more so than the cultivation, analysis, and implementation of Big Data. Having traveled numerous states with the President, Fisk can speak directly to the process and value of this innovative component of the historic reelection, how it helped target media markets and all the way down to zip codes for presidential visits in the closing months of the campaign. The lessons for marketers, advertisers, or virtually anyone trying to enlist lots of people behind big ideas are endless as Fisk walks audiences through how it was implemented in communities across the country.

Pop Goes Politics

Star power can both help a candidate and hurt a cause. One thing is for sure: from global issues to domestic elections, celebrities are more politically active than ever. Over the course of the last three presidential campaigns, Fisk has worked with a broad galaxy of household names, ranging from Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen to Carole King and Charles Barkley, and can speak in depth about the intersection of entertainment and politics. With experience as a musician touring in bands, booking and promoting clubs and festivals, and his senior level work in both Obama campaigns, Fisk speaks about entertainment and politics in a personal and up-close way.

Lifting the Hood: The Obama Engine & How It Worked from Day One

"Lifting the Hood" is an intimate, insider perspective on how the game-changing Obama brand was launched in early 2007 and how a brand-new approach to the political map, calendar, social media, and voter mobilization resulted in historic victories in 2008 and 2012. This keynote speech from speaker Roger Fisk walks audiences through the early organizational decisions to reject almost all of the 20th-century assumptions about the American electorate, the early development of the unique Obama approach to online tools, the groundbreaking approach to cultivating donor dollars, the campaign's approach to community organizing, and much more.

One Week in a 21st-Century Presidential Campaign

"One Week in a 21st-Century Presidential Campaign" is a granular look at all the moving parts of a modern presidential campaign as it advances its political message, its community-based voter outreach, its online presence, and its fundraising, and how the most precious commodity a campaign has - the candidate's time - is prioritized. Most importantly, "One Week" anatomizes how to coordinate and harmonize all the moving parts for maximum political gain every day, every news cycle, every quarter and, ultimately, every campaign. In this speech, former Obama staffer and speaker Roger Fisk shares with attendees the most important facets of a 21st-century presidential campaign - communications, field and voter identification, fundraising, policy, political, scheduling, and digital.

Change as a Constant

The last ten years have brought about seismic changes to how countries interact, how the global marketplace connects lives and labor, and how information is developed, delivered, and digested. The Obama campaigns have sparked not only a tremor of political change around the world, but a whole shift in how people communicate, engage, and cooperate. Having done Trade Missions through China and India for the Obama Administration, speaker Roger Fisk can speak about these changes and how they are manifesting all over the world, as well as share lessons for how best to position a cause, candidate, or corporation to succeed in it.

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