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Soraya  Darabi

Soraya Darabi

Cutting-Edge Digital Entrepreneur 


Soraya Darabi is a trailblazing authority on digital consumerism and how to apply new technologies to foster efficiency, visibility and growth. At The New York Times, Darabi became the newspaper’s first-ever Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media at the age of 23, where she formed and implemented the global news leader’s first-ever digital and social media strategies. The New York Times still has these strategies in place today. As a result, she became recognized around the world for her authority as a game changer in a rapidly evolving and hard-to-understand digital world. Read More >

In fact, Fast Company featured her on the cover of their “Most Creative People in Business” issue. Soon afterward, Darabi co-founded Foodspotting, (which was acquired by Open Table), and most recently Zady.com, one of the first online retailers to seamlessly integrate e-commerce, rich media content and social media to deliver a truly dynamic shopping experience. Zady empowers customers to take a deeper look into how and where their clothes are made—by offering beautifully constructed goods with a low environmental footprint in a world of cheap prices and fast production. In 2015 Darabi stepped down from her day-to-day position as co-founder of Zady, and has stayed on as a senior adviser. She is a current board member at The Nature Conservancy New York.

Darabi helps every venture and audience leap past the unknown with cutting-edge, digital business strategies—from the future of digital consumerism to the latest technologies—and how they will impact specific industries. She’s not only ahead of the curve on advancements in technology and business—she knows how to effectively implement them and develop them so that they scale with growth.

Her presentations are delightful learning experiences that bring immediate comfort to audiences. Friendly and enthusiastic, Darabi speaks in easily understandable terms to convey her expertise while she offers insight into how brands and organizations can get noticed in all the right ways.

Darabi’s experience and success in identifying and leveraging the latest digital technologies make her an ideal speaker for brands and organizations of all sizes. Firms who want smooth transitions with the best returns turn to Darabi for assistance in cutting through the clutter of our fast-paced, digital present and future. Those who seek her knowledge become able to effortlessly understand and embrace the changing face of industry, as well as build sustainable growth in the digital world. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Courageous Decisions: The Keys to Innovation, Growth & Great Leadership

The difference between companies that feel the ‘safe’ place is the best place to be, and companies that are scaling leaps and bounds and embracing innovation as if it’s a part of their job - are courageous decisions makers. Too many folks still think business is a linear path to the next point. It’s not. It’s a series of starts and stops, of moves left and right, of the best kind of zig zags. In this speech, Darabi gives multiple examples of the most courageous people in business and how their stories reshaped organizations we’ve come to know as household names - or how they’ve built empires on the back of their bravery. She provides five practices that will help you build intrapreneurial cultures that challenge the status quo every single day thru innovation and improving customer value.

The Power of Curiosity in Companies

“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
― Walt Disney Company Read More >

Curiosity is the one behavior all successful leaders share. When Sergey Brin of Google interviews prospective employees, he decides within 2 minutes if he will hire the applicant and 28 minutes of the meeting trying to learn 1 thing from the person in front of him. Einstein accredited his success to being a lifelong learner. Eleanor Roosevelt said that the best gift a child could have in life was the gift of curiosity.

So why is it so difficult to maintain a curious workplace? Much of the answer lies in our duel focus between getting more done, and finding a better idea. Due to the fast changing business landscapes, new ideas have become premium commodities, often determining the future success of a company. To be a top performing company, we must take risks and risks stem from ideas, ideas from curiosity.

In this speech, Darabi goes over the root, the beginning, of the world’s most creative and curious ideas. She shares the inherent benefits of curious workforces, and offers best practices for instilling a culture of learning and adaptiveness into your organization. If you are looking for a dynamic exploration into the next stage of innovation, then this is the perfect presentation for you. Read Less ^

Bold Changes: How to Lead the Audacious Change Needed to Keep Your Company Relevant

This topic addresses the changing landscape that is accelerated by new technologies and new buyer behaviors. In an era of convergence, how do great leaders create new arms of business through ingenuity and perseverance? Bold change makers share many traits in common, including an unwavering ability to be courageous in the face of adversity and to push forward on bold ideas regardless of whether or not those ideas will fail. Bold changes is the right speech for any organization going through a transformative time, an organization looking to feel inspired about how to create new arms of revenue with formalized change-making. The speech will give two dozen examples of leaders successfully navigating change to keep their companies on top of their game.

Creating & Maintaining Engagement

Staying in touch with your consumer in our mobile/social tech era is increasingly challenging. To maintain engagement, it is crucial to gain an authentic foothold in any new platform coming around the bend, as this is where new communities spring up. This is more than just new apps and websites…this is about maintaining critical contact with consumers in ways they choose to listen and communicate. Leaders and managers are tasked with creating and managing intensive strategies while also knowing what the future has in store before most. Personal technologies are advancing so quickly that it is not only difficult to keep up technologies, but it is even harder to understand how they are being used and how they are changing everyday behavior. In this talk, Soraya Darabi will explore the unique strategies and best in class tips for creating a customized engagement plan or your industry and organization that helps to lasso a the current and next generation of consumers, clients and users.

Women in Leadership

Soraya Darabi has given talks to over 30 professional women's organizations about how to become a true leader in the world place. In this speech, she will go over the common traits of highly successful women in business - from internationally recognized CEOs to entrepreneurs to Hollywood moguls. She will address the adversities women face to succeed, but also create a blueprint for how women can work together to break through glass ceilings and ultimately, change industry together.

The Future of the Workplace

Crafted and tailored to the industries she is speaking to, this speech will cover the future of your business. The trends and forecasts to identify now to make sure your organization can readily swim with the changing tides of time.