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Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.

Leading Authority on Business Ethics

Simon T. Bailey

Consultant / Author

Adrienne Bailon

Singer-Songwriter, Actress & Co-host on The Real

Peter Baker

Chief New York Times White House Correspondent

Robert Ballard

President, Ocean Exploration Trust & Deep-Sea Explorer

Ann Bancroft

Preeminent Polar Explorer

Elizabeth Banks

Actress & Heart Health Activist

David Banner


Rye Barcott

Social Entrepreneur & Veteran

Kim Barker

Author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and New York Times Investigative Reporter

Amy DuBois Barnett

Executive Editor, ESPN & Former Editor-in-Chief of Ebony

Anat Baron

Tech Entrepreneur/Brand Builder/Former Head of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Caroline Baron

Award-Winning Producer & Founder of FilmAid

Rick Barrera

Marketing Consultant & Author

Dave Barry

Humor Columnist

Rick Barry

Hall of Fame NBA Player

Kathleen Bartholomew

Expert on Hospital Culture

Dana Bash

CNN's Chief Political Correspondent

Chris Bashinelli


Angela Bassett

Award-Winning Actress

Urmi Basu

Gender Equality Advocate & Founder of New Light

Kathy Bates

Academy Award-Winning Actress & Cancer Survivor

Jeffrey Bauer

Health Futurist & Medical Economist

Jeff Bauman

Boston Marathon Bombing Hero & Best-Selling Author

Mary Ann Bauman

Women's Health Expert

Dotsie Bausch

2012 Olympic Silver Medalist & Motivational Speaker

Jeffrey Baxter

Founding Member of Steely Dan & National Security Expert

Robert Bazell

NBC News Correspondent

Christy Beam

Author of the Best Selling Book Miracles from Heaven

Keith Beauchamp

Emmy-Nominated Documentary Filmmaker

Garcelle Beauvais


Rod Beckstrom

Entrepreneur / Author

Maxine Bédat

Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Ed Begley Jr.

Actor / Environmental Activist

Howard Behar

Former President of Starbucks Coffee Company

Joy Behar

Co-Host of The View / Comedian

Harry Belafonte


Jeff Belanger

Renowned Paranormal Researcher, Author & Adventurer

Lisa Belkin

Senior National Correspondent for Yahoo News & Author

Chip Bell

Authority on Customer Loyalty & Service Innovation

Maria Bello

Actress, Author & Activist

Rick Belluzzo

Former President & COO of Microsoft

Jim Belushi

Actor & Musician

Shlomo Ben-Ami

Israeli Foreign Minister

Jonathan Bender

Entrepreneur, Inventor & Former NBA Star Player

Robyn Benincasa

World Champion Adventure Racer & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Arthur Benjamin

Distinguished Mathematician & One of the World’s Fastest Mental Calculators

Ambassador Daniel Benjamin

Former Head, Counterterrorism Bureau at State Department

Regina Benjamin

18th Surgeon General

David Berliner

Professor / Author

Bertice Berry

Author / Educator / Social Activist

Mary Frances Berry

Author, Educator & Historian

Valerie Bertinelli

Actress & Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador

Chris Bertish

Adventurer & Best-Selling Author

Michael Beschloss

Award-Winning Historian & Best-Selling Author

Stacey Bess

Inspirational Educator & Author

Richard Besser

ABC News Senior Health & Medical Editor

Yasiin Bey

Hip-Hop Artist & Actor

Jagdish N. Bhagwati

International Trade Theorist

Rais Bhuiyan

Victim of Post-9/11 Shooting Spree & Peace Activist

Mayim Bialik

Star of The Big Bang Theory & Neuroscientist

Lonise Bias

Substance Abuse Prevention Advocate

Mohammed Bilal

Poet / Musician / Social Educator

Carl Bildt

Former Prime Minister of Sweden

Nick Bilton

Technology Journalist & Author

Mahathir Bin Mohamad

Former Malaysian Prime Minister

Bionic Builders

Inventors & Engineers of Extreme Artificial Limbs

Julian Birkinshaw

Strategy & Leadership Expert

Mark Bittman

Best-Selling Author & Food Expert

Black Ice

Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist

Bonnie Blair

Most Decorated US Athlete In Winter Olympic History

Amy Blankson

Co-founder GoodThink, Presidential Point of Light & Award-Winning Author

Alan Blankstein

President, HOPE Foundation, Award-Winning Author & Educational Leader

Alan Blaustein

Founder of CarePlanners

Rocky Bleier

Former Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Mary J. Blige

Queen of Hip-Hop Soul

Guion S. Bluford

First African American Astronaut

Alex Blumberg

Cofounder & CEO, Gimlet Media

Susan Blumenthal

Former US Assistant Surgeon General & Rear Admiral

Mark Blyth

Political Economist & Author

Lisa Bodell

Founder and CEO of futurethink

Matthew Bogdanos

US Marine Officer & Author of Thieves of Baghdad

Peter Bogdanovich

Actor, Director & Author

Matthew Boger

Subject of the Academy Award-nominated Facing Fear

Eric Boles

Authority on Teamwork, Leadership & Personal Development

Beverly Bond

Founder & CEO of Black Girls Rock!

Mario Arnauz Bonds

Motivator & Singer/Songwriter

Danny Boome


Herman Boone

Inspirational Football Coach

Nate Booth

Consultant / Author

Michele Borba

Internationally Renowned Educator, Best-selling Author, Parenting, Child Development & Bullying Expert

Gloria Borger

CNN Political Analyst

Genevieve Bos

Founder, 'PINK' Magazine

Shmuley Boteach

Host of TLC’S Shalom in the Home

Anthony "AB" Bourke

CEO & Founder, Mach 2 Consulting

Terry Bowden

Football Coach & Analyst

Ian Bowles

Energy & Environment Expert / Former Clinton Advisor

Gregory Boyle

Founder, Homeboy Industries

Travis Bradberry

Expert on Emotional Intelligence

Gary Bradt

Expert on Leading Through Change

Rick Bragg

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist

John Brandt

Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek & Chief Executive

Sir Richard Branson

Global Entrepreneur & Founder, Virgin Group Ltd.

Donna Brazile

Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee

David Breashears

Climber, Adventurer, World-Class Filmmaker

Peter Bregman

Selected As One of the Top 101 Leadership Speakers

Ian Bremmer

Political Risk Expert

Bridget Brennan

Expert on Marketing & Sales for Women Consumers

Christine Brennan

Award-Winning USA Today Sports Columnist, Best-Selling Author & Commentator

Dean Brenner

Communication Expert & Sailing Champion

Nancy Goodman Brinker

Founder, Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Hydeia Broadbent

AIDS Activist & Advocate

Roslyn M. Brock

Chair of the NAACP

Jane Brody

Health Expert / Columnist

Chris Brogan

Social Media Guru & Trust Agent

Cornell William Brooks

President & CEO of the NAACP, Activist for Civil Rights & Social Justice

Geraldine Brooks

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

Raspyni Brothers


Marc Brown

Children's Book Author & Creator of "Arthur"

Tanya Brown

Mental Health / Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate

Tim Brown

Legendary Football Wide Receiver

Tina Brown

CEO, Tina Brown Live Media & Founder of The Daily Beast & Women in the World

Tony Brown

Host of "Tony Brown's Journal"

Yashi Brown

Spoken Word Artist & Mental Health Advocate

Cheryl Brown Henderson

Brown v. Board of Education Originators/Civil Rights Activists

Brett Bruen

Former U.S. Diplomat & Director of Global Engagement at the White House

Gro Harlem Brundtland

First Female Prime Minister of Norway & Mother of Sustainability

John Bruton

Former Prime Minister of Ireland

Jamal-Harrison Bryant

Founder of The Empowerment Temple

Robert Bryce

Energy Journalist & Author

Bill Bryson

Best-Selling Author

BT's Electronic Opus

Immersive Symphonic/Electronic Concert

Todd Buchholz

Trend Forecaster / Investor / Author

Marcus Buckingham

Expert on Leadership & Management Practices

Betty Buckley

Tony Award Winning Actress

Dan Buettner

Author / Explorer

Ken Burns

Documentary Filmmaker

Daniel Burrus

Technology Forecaster & Business Author

George P. Bush

Political Activist, Entrepreneur & Public Servant

Trai Byers

Actor, Star of Fox’s Empire

Tony Byers, Ph.D.

Former Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Starbucks

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