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Victoria Labalme

Performing Artist & Communications Catalyst

Polly LaBarre

Business Leader, Author & Founding Member of Fast Company

Patti LaBelle

Grammy-Winning Singer

Sarah Lacy

Entrepreneur & Editor in Chief,

Joyce Ladner

Civil Rights Activist & Sociologist

Bob Ladouceur

Legendary Football Coach & Subject of When the Game Stands Tall

Winona LaDuke

Native American Environmentalist - Political Activist

Richard Laermer

Author of the Trendspotting Books

Dr. Arthur B Laffer


Ricardo Lagos

Former President of Chile

Jessica Lahey

Educator & Best-Selling Author of The Gift of Failure

Wally Lamb

Best-Selling Novelist / Educator

Marc Lamont Hill

Social Critic & Intellectual

Lynne Lancaster

Generational Expert & Co-Founder of BridgeWorks

Peter Lance

Award-Winning Investigative Reporter

Jon Landau

Academy Award-Winning Producer of Titanic & Avatar

Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia

Founder & CEO of PlayWerks

Janet Lapp

Psychologist, Author & Motivator

Michelle LaRue

Renowned Ecologist

Jason Latimer

The World Champion of Magic

Kathy LaTour

Cancer Survivor & Journalist

Janine Latus

Journalist & Author

Jim Laurie

Global Media Consultant & Former ABC News Correspondent

Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Actor, Motivator & Author

Vicki Lawrence

Comedian & Heart Health Activist

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Sociologist, Educator & Author

Sandra Lawson

Rabbinical Student & Sociologist

Charles Leadbeater

Innovation Expert & Author

Ryan Leaf

Former NFL Player, Mental & Behavioral Health Advocate

Laurence Leamer

Biographer & Author

Lilly Ledbetter

Groundbreaking Employment Discrimination Plaintiff

B. Gentry Lee

Chief Engineer for Solar System Exploration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Lela Lee

Actress / Creator of the Angry Little Asian Girl

Spike Lee


Tonya Lewis Lee

Author, Producer & Activist

Patrick "Blake" Leeper

Olympic/Paralympic Games Medalist

Carol Leifer

Award-Winning Comedy Writer

Kathy LeMay

Founder, President & CEO of Raising Change

Jamilah Lemieux

VP of News and Men's Programming for Interactive One & Former Senior Editor at EBONY

Don Lemon

CNN Anchor

Patrick Lencioni

Management Consultant

Jay Leno

Television Host, Author & Comedian

Mavis Leno

Chair of the Campaign to Help Afghan Women & Girls

Mike Leonard

NBC Correspondent / Author

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

Author, ‘The Physics of NASCAR’

Lawrence Lessig

Harvard Law Professor, 2016 Presidential Candidate & the Internet’s Most Celebrated Lawyer

Gerald M. Levin

Former Chairman & CEO, Time Warner, Inc.

Jack Levin

Sociologist / Author

Madeline Levine

Educator & Author of The Price of Privilege

Bernard-Henri Levy

Best-Selling Author / Philosopher / Public Intellectual

Buddy Levy

Adventure Sports & Travel Journalist / Author

Jon Levy

Human Behavior Scientist Specializing in Influence, Consumer Behavior, Networking & Adventure

Steven Levy

Technology Journalist & Author

Stu Levy

Foremost Expert on Asian Pop Culture

Monica Lewinsky

Social Activist & Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair

Dr. Fei-Fei Li

Director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab

Mara Liasson

National Political Correspondent, NPR

Judith Light

Emmy-Winning Actress

Alexander Likhotal

President of Green Cross International & Former Adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev

Lil' Kim

Rapper & Activist

Josh Linkner

Creativity Expert, Tech Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

Douglas Lipp

Former Head of Training at Walt Disney University

John List

Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago & Author of “The Why Axis”

Laura Liswood

Secretary General, Council of Women World Leaders

Amanda Griscom Little


Eric Liu

CEO, Citizen University

Neil Livingstone

Crisis Management & Security Expert

Keith Lockhart

Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra

Henry Lodge

Lifestyle, Health & Aging Expert

Carey Lohrenz

US Navy Fighter Pilot & Leadership Speaker

Stacy London

One of America’s Foremost Fashion Experts

Howie Long

Actor / Sports Commentator

Nia Long


Eva Longoria

Award-Winning Actress & Activist

Greg Louganis

Olympic Diver & Author

Regina Louise

Author & Child Advocate

Mike Love

Lead Singer of The Beach Boys

Susan Love

Surgeon / Breast Cancer Advocate

Mary LoVerde

Expert on Life Balance

Rob Lowe

Actor & Activist

Cynthia Lowen

Filmmaker of Bully & Poet

Rich Lowry

Editor of National Review Magazine

Felipe Luciano

Reporter, Poet & Activist

Joan Lunden

Best-Selling Author & Heart Health Activist

Frank Luntz

Media / Political Pollster

Robert Lustig

Bestselling Author of Fat Chance

Edie Lutnick

Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Rick Lynch

Battle Tested Army General & Author of Adapt or Die

Trace Lysette

Actress, Transparent, & LGBT Advocate

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