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Substance Abuse

It takes untold amounts of courage to sink into the world of substance abuse and return to tell the story. APB's substance abuse speakers share their inspirational stories of having overcome various kinds of addiction in order to get their lives back on track for their sake and that of their loved ones. From celebrity icons to motivational speakers, APB has a speaker on substance abuse who will inspire your audience.

Substance Abuse

Pioneering Advertising Researcher, Filmmaker

Internationally recognized for her groundbreaking work on the image of women in advertising and for her critical studies of alcohol and tobacco advertising, Jean Kilbourne is renowned for her ability to present...

Interventionist on the A&E Series Intervention

Known as “The Face of Recovery” on the Emmy Award-winning, critically acclaimed A&E series Intervention, Candy Finnigan is a nationally recognized addiction specialist and interventionist who has been...

Former US Representative, Rhode Island; Co-Founder, One Mind for Research & Founder, Kennedy Forum

Patrick Kennedy was a Representative from Rhode Island to the United States House of Representatives from 1994-2010. He now works as a mental health advocate and is a sought-after speaker on topics such as mental...

Actor, Motivator & Author

Christopher Kennedy Lawford knows what it's like to both live at the top of the world and to hit rock bottom. He conveys a powerful message that addresses the perils of addiction in today's society.

Substance Abuse Advocate

Speaker Koren Zailckas authored Smashed, a riveting account of her alcohol abuse as a teen. She probes the national culture of addiction and recovery in her keynotes.

Best-Selling Author

Author of the incendiary New York Times best-selling memoir All Souls and the companion bestseller Easter Rising, MacDonald shares his remarkable story of survival and redemption while examining...

New York Times Best-Selling Author

A New York Times bestselling author, Burroughs is known for his thoughtful, honest, and often hilarious memoirs. In his popular Dry, which has become a contemporary staple of recovery literature, he...

Legendary Folk Singer & Activist

Following her son's suicide, iconic singer Judy Collins survived her grief through her passion for words and music. Today, she shares her moving experience with all audiences.

Academy Award-Winning Actor

Oscar winner Dreyfuss has taught at Oxford, studied a wide range of subjects from history to politics, and is a driving force in the movement to bring civics back into the classrooms as well as creating a...

Actress, Author & Radio Host

An inspirational force, actress and speaker Janine Turner founded Constituting America, which builds awareness of America's founding principles and values.

Former NBA Player / Addiction Recovery Advocate

A hometown basketball legend, Chris Herren realized his dream of playing for the Celtics only to lose it all to addiction. He shares his story in Basketball Junkie & the ESPN documentary Unguarded...

Inspirational Educator & Survivor

A decade ago, Brenda Combs was a homeless crack addict and criminal. Today, she's turned her life around and motivates others with her story of perseverance and rediscovery.

Author & Recovering Addict

In a voice that is raw and honest, speaker Nic Sheff spares no detail in telling the compelling true story of his relapse into and road to recovery from drug addiction.

Author of Beautiful Boy

Journalist David Sheff authored Beautiful Boy, a New York Times bestseller. In it, he tells the story of his struggle to help his son Nic overcome a meth addiction.

Actress / Comedian

Rain Pryor is a dynamic speaker, spokesperson, award-winning actress, singer, writer, comedian, and a producer. Now that's quite a few hats to wear, but they all fit and every one of them reflects her eclectic mix of...

Award-Winning Actress & Best-Selling Author

Speaker Jamie Lee Curtis has demonstrated her versatility as an actress with roles in such films as Halloween. She is also the author of eight children's books.

Psychiatrist, Media Consultant & Author

A veteran of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Poussaint is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who is renowned as an expert and educated crusader for the African American family within our multicultural...

Award-Winning Actor & Activist

As one of the most sought after veteran actors, Oscar winner Gossett has reached the heights of success. His unique talent for portraying powerful and charismatic characters has charmed audiences worldwide. As...

Substance Abuse Prevention Advocate

A vibrant community activist, Lonise Bias has turned the losses of her two sons (including basketball star Len Bias) into a calling to help remedy the social ills of today.

16th US Surgeon General

A former US Surgeon General who created the first government-released report on obesity, speaker David Satcher works to eliminate racial disparities in healthcare.

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