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Heart Health, Diabetes & Obesity:

Mehmet C. Oz
Mehmet C. Oz

Host of The Dr. Oz Show & Best-Selling Author

A world-renowned cardiologist and medical media powerhouse, Dr. Oz is the author of seven best-sellers on improving longevity and health.

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Nancy  Snyderman
Nancy Snyderman

Former Chief Medical Editor, NBC News

Highly sought-after as a speaker, surgeon and veteran journalist Dr. Nancy Snyderman is one of America’s most trusted voices in healthcare.

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Laila  Ali
Laila Ali

Boxing Champion, CEO & Author

A passionate advocate for health and an expert on fitness, champion boxer Laila Ali has a new fight: raising awareness about heart disease, especially in the African-American community and among women.

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Regina  Benjamin
Regina Benjamin

18th Surgeon General

As Surgeon General, Dr. Benjamin turned the spotlight on America’s obesity epidemic and launched the “Million Hearts Campaign” to prevent heart attacks. She continues to advocate for health and wellness.

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Janine  Turner
Janine Turner

Award Winning Actress & Inspirational Speaker

Best known for her role as "Maggie O'Connell" in the Emmy Award-winning CBS series Northern Exposure, Janine Turner is an acclaimed actress, civic engagement advocate and conservative commentator. 

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Elisabeth  Rohm
Elisabeth Rohm

Actress, Family Advocate & Health Activist

Award-winning actress Elisabeth Röhm rose to prominence for her appearance on Law and Order. She has also appeared in Academy Award nominated and acclaimed films like American Hustle (2013) and Joy (2015).

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Elizabeth  Banks
Elizabeth Banks

Actress & Heart Health Activist

When both her sister and mother were diagnosed with arrhythmia, Elizabeth Banks became active with the Go Red For Women Campaign to educate busy women about the warning signs of heart attacks.

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Mimi  Guarneri
Mimi Guarneri

Integrative Cardiologist & Author

A pioneer in integrative medicine and holistic approaches to heart health, Dr. Mimi Guarneri explores the heart both physically and emotionally to advocate for personalized, predictive methods to prevent disease.

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