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"An Evening of Thanks" with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Inauguration Rocks the Nation's Capitol

The inauguration of APB's new Washington, DC office, of course! We thank the more than 200 people who joined us for a very special evening-- a gala reception at the Grand Hyatt Washington and an inspirational speech from Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Offering a warm tribute to APB, Archbishop Tutu reflected the importance of giving thanks in our lives with his moving and uplifting message that conveyed great hope and serenity for our time. Coincidentally, the November 17th occasion marked the tenth anniversary, to the day, of Tutu's exclusive relationship with APB. Click here to view the full press release covering more details of this amazing event.

An Evening of Thanks - Introduction

An Evening of Thanks - Part 2

An Evening of Thanks - Part 1

An Evening of Thanks - Conclusion