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Putting Patient Stories Back into Healthcare: Read Alexandra Drane’s Article for 'The Boston Globe'

22 Jun 2017

APB Speaker Alexandra Drane

Healthcare is about so much more than treating physical ailments and diseases. It involves several often overlooked challenges including caretaking, financial stress, relationships between families and loved ones, and more. Technology entrepreneur and APB speaker Alexandra Drane witnessed these firsthand when her part-time job as a cashier at Walmart opened her eyes to the struggles facing people from all walks of life. In an opinion piece for The Boston Globe, Drane describes the serious tolls such stresses take on both physical and mental health.

“We have to expand the definition of health to include life, because when life goes wrong, health goes wrong,” writes Drane in her article. Drawing from her experience in the Eliza Corporation, Drane aims to redefine healthcare as promoting our healthiest, happiest lives.

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Living at the intersection of where healthcare meets individual lives, Drane leads audiences through a fascinating look at how we can evolve our current healthcare system if we put patient stories back into health data and technology.

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