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APB’s Tina Brown Chronicles the Roaring '80s in "The Vanity Fair Diaries"

13 Nov 2017

APB's Tina Brown Releases New Book

It’s impossible to think of the glitz and glamour of the 1980’s without envisioning the covers of Vanity Fair. From the “Reagan Kiss” to the Annie Leibovitz photo of a gloriously pregnant, nude Demi Moore, the magazine—and its equally celebrated editor-in-chief, APB speaker Tina Brown—defined an era. Brown’s The Vanity Fair Diaries, released today, shares the delicious back stories on all of the magazine’s celebrated scoops. It also tells the lesser-known, but inspiring journey of an Englishwoman barely out of her twenties who survives politics, back-stabbing rivalries and rampant skepticism to triumphantly turn around Conde Nast’s failing flagship magazine.

Brown’s story of leading through disruption, innovation and radical reinvention while running an “it” magazine and mothering two young children made her a legend among women leaders. Now, CEO of her own international media company and a popular speaker to corporate audiences, she shares timeless lessons that are even more relevant in our current era of constant and exponential change.

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