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APB's Gina McCarthy Featured in "Boston Globe" Discussing Climate Change

31 May 2018

APB's Gina McCarthy Featured in "Boston Globe" Discussing Climate Change

APB speaker Gina McCarthy, best known for her work as former head of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Obama administration, shares her knowledge in a featured article in The Boston Globe on why climate change activists aren’t getting their message across.

Currently lecturing at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, McCarthy admits that it has been difficult for her to watch the Trump administration reverse all of the work she did during her time at the EPA, but she has not lost hope. During her recent discourse with The Union of Concerned Scientists, she shared that she has no use for “Debbie Downers” and states “if we get hopeless, we lose. We’re in the fight of our lives. Get tough!”

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McCarthy is known for her trailblazing, no-nonsense style and for her monumental successes during her four decades of working in government. Although disappointed in the workings of the current administration, she knows they do not have the capabilities nor the support to reverse all of the progress that has been made thus far. Focused on winning the climate change war instead of winning the argument, McCarthy urges us to not let political differences overshadow the message that “we have a path to the future that is good, whether or not they believe in climate change.”

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