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APB Speaker Jared Cohen’s New Book "Accidental Presidents" Out April 2019

23 May 2019

APB Speaker Jared Cohen’s New Book "Accidental Presidents" Out April 2019

Set to release April 9, 2019, APB speaker Jared Cohen’s new book uncovers the surprising successes and failures of the eight men who came into office without being elected president. Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America discusses the stories, many untold, of those who became president when the incumbent died in office. A known history buff, Cohen examines the power dynamics of the presidency, how these men stepped into an unexpected role and how America received them. Cohen has previously released three other books, intertwining topics such as technology, politics and foreign policy. 

As the founder and director of Google Ideas at Google and now founder and CEO of Jigsaw (its successor arm within Alphabet Inc.), Jared Cohen is at the forefront of using technology to tackle global challenges. A captivating speaker on everything from digital safety and security to technological innovation and cyber-conflict, Cohen is one of today's top speakers whose insights are relevant for all audiences and industries.

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