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John F. Crowley’s Daughter's Incredible Story Featured in "The Wall Street Journal"

11 Jun 2019

John F. Crowley’s Daughter's Incredible Story Featured in "The Wall Street Journal"

Megan Crowley, daughter of APB speaker John F. Crowley (subject of the film Extraordinary Measures and healthcare entrepreneur), was featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal. At the age of one, Megan was diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare and fatal neuromuscular disorder. Doctors told her parents, John and Aileen, that she would not live to see her high school graduation. John refused to accept this fate for his child.

John went on to co-found Novazyme Pharmaceuticals, which developed an enzyme therapy that saved Megan’s life. In the article, we follow Megan as she not only graduates high school, but enters her freshman year at Notre Dame. This presented her with a new set of challenges surrounding social life, academics and mobility. She broke down to her parents and demanded they let her leave college. Despite this, three and a half years after having doubts, Megan graduated from Notre Dame in May of 2019. She will be enrolling at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in a two-year master’s program.

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An inspirational, thought-provoking keynote speaker, John F. Crowley explores the coming age of biotech and the vital roles of new technologies through reflecting on his own journey toward finding a treatment for Pompe disease. Sharing his incredible story of leaving a secure job, risking financial stability and putting everything on the line to become a key player in the development of a life-saving enzyme replacement therapy, Crowley offers a compelling look into breakthrough drug research while imparting an important message of hope.

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