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APB Speaker Mark Blyth Predicts What's to Come by 2030

08 Jan 2020

APB Speaker Mark Blyth Predicts What's to Come by 2030

APB’s Mark Blyth, a bestselling author, lauded professor and eminent political economist, lays out his vision of the coming decade in a timely New York Times op-ed. The Times asked 13 high-profile public figures, from Andrew Yang to Larry David to Blyth himself, to weigh in on the decade and share insights into what is to come. Blyth brings his signature honesty and essential knowledge to the question of our near future, saying, “only one thing matters between now and 2030: climate change.” He incorporates his sweeping knowledge of politics, finance and popular sentiment into his remarks, making bold predictions about not only the 2020 Election, but 2024 and beyond.

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In the current political climate of polarization, anger and unknowns, Blyth’s calm and certain voice is invaluable, as he cuts through the fluff to deliver core takeaways, much as he did when he was one of the few to predict Trump’s 2016 win. This approach is the backbone of his forthcoming book, Angrynomics, which transcends the hot-take punditry that has oversaturated the Trump era to deliver real insights on the different types of anger that are shaping our political landscape today. His wit and humor help to make even the most complicated policy digestible to the layperson, as he manages to entertain, educate and engage audiences of all kinds simultaneously.

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