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Showtime Releasing Abolitionist Miniseries Based on APB's James McBride’s "The Good Lord Bird"

01 Oct 2020

Showtime Releasing Abolitionist Miniseries Based on APB James McBride’s "The Good Lord Bird"

New York Times best-selling author, musician and APB speaker James McBride wrote The Good Lord Bird, a powerful story of John Brown, a white American abolitionist who in 1859—along with 19 others—attacked the largest arsenal of weapons in America, ultimately prompting the Civil War. The drama is set to premiere on Showtime October 4th. The network consulted with the producers and other voices to proactively consider the content carefully. “We have to find ways to talk about race instead of yelling and shouting,” says McBride. “This guy [Brown] showed us how to do it.” 

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An inspirational, sought-after diversity speaker, McBride uses examples from his own life and the lives of those he’s encountered to encourage young people to embrace their history and identity, and appreciate the differences of those around them. 

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