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Aaron  McGruder

Aaron McGruder

Creator of "The Boondocks"


Aaron McGruder is the creative genius behind “The Boondocks,” the animated comedy series based on his award-winning comic strip of the same name, from Sony Pictures Television for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Read More >

“The Boondocks” tells the story of Huey and Riley, two kids who move from the south side of Chicago to the suburbs with their Granddad, Robert Freeman.  In moving to the quiet and safety of ‘The Boondocks’ – aka suburban Woodcrest – it’s Granddad’s hope that he can ignore his rambunctious grandkids and enjoy the fourth quarter of his life in peace.  But Huey, a ten-year-old leftist revolutionary and his eight-year-old misfit brother don’t adapt to the new environment. Although the boys torture each other and provoke the neighborhood, they are no match for Granddad, who is eccentric even by "crazy-ass-old-black-man" standards.

McGruder has voiced his thoughts on the world through Huey and Riley and has tackled controversial topics such as race relations, interracial marriage, bi-racial identity and juvenile delinquency, in addition to political happenings and current events.  Launched in 1999, “The Boondocks” was published in over 150 newspapers across the nation, making it the second largest launch for a strip ever, surpassing such long-running standards as “Calvin & Hobbs” and “For Better or For Worse.”  Within its first few months in print, “The Boondocks” quickly made its way into 200 publications and today the groundbreaking strip can be seen in more than 350 newspapers nationwide. 

The enormous success of the comic strip led to a multiple book publishing deal with the first volume, The Boondocks: Because I know You Don’t Read the Newspaper featuring a hearty compilation of the record-breaking first year and continues to captivate new fans with its insightful, thought-provoking and humorous look at controversial issues.  The second installment was Fresh 01…You Suckas.  The third installment, A Right to be Hostile, contained a forward written by filmmaker Michael Moore and was an immediate best seller. Additionally, McGruder co-wrote the political comedy graphic novel, Birth of a Nation and the latest installment Public Enemy #2: An All-New Boondocks Collection.  McGruder has also entered into an agreement with Sony Pictures Animation for an animated film version of The Boondocks

Keeping his career diverse, he received the prestigious “Chairman’s Award” at the NAACP Image Awards in 2002.  In his own unique way, he uses Huey and Riley to open the lines of communication between adults and children on an often unspoken topic.  Additionally, McGruder was featured as one of People magazine’s “25 Most Intriguing People” and as one of it’s the “Most Eligible Bachelors” 2001.  USA Today also called him “the most dangerous black man” and compared his voice to that of Langston Hughes.  Read Less ^

Speech Topics

So, You Elected A Negro…

Fans of The Boondocks daily newspaper comic have missed the strip's day-to-day perspective on world events, especially during campaign ‘08. Now the Boondocks creator shares his up-to-the-minute thoughts on this historic election. Audiences will get a rare glimpse into McGruder's opinion of Barack Obama, observations on the media, and tips on how to survive your first black president.

The Boondocks: All The Rage

The comic strip that was often too much for newspapers has become the show that's too much for cable television. Read More >

Aaron McGruder discusses the tumultuous history of The Boondock's past and present. From his 9/11 strips banned in New York to the BET episodes banned from air this year, McGruder discusses the politics, themes, and characters that have so often landed him in hot water. Fans of the show will have a rare opportunity to dialogue directly with McGruder about the creative process and the worldview that informs the strip, as well as get a sneak peek at McGruder's upcoming projects. Read Less ^

Negrology: State of the Black America

Negrology (n) - 1. The science of exploring, understanding, and demystifying all aspects of the American Negro".

Because I Know You Don't Read the Newspaper

A Right to Be Hostile

The Ethics of Dissent

The Politics of the Boondocks

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