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Alon  Pinkas

Alon Pinkas

Foreign Relations Expert & Fmr. Consul General of Israel


With nearly two decades of experience in foreign affairs, Ambassador Alon Pinkas has devoted his career to Israeli international relations. The Consul General of Israel in New York from 2000-04, he served as the liaison between the state of Israel and US national media, national Jewish organizations, public officials, and varied business interests. His job was “to know, analyze, and digest Israel to Americans; and to know, analyze, and digest the United States for Israelis.” Read More >

One of the lead negotiators in Israel’s withdrawal of Lebanon in 2000 and a veteran of negotiating sessions around the world, Pinkas is an expert on border issues currently afflicting Israel and the Middle East.

Having presented hundreds of speeches before worldwide audiences, Pinkas delivers an extremely articulate presentation. Discussing all matters of foreign affairs with a special emphasis on Israel and the Middle East, he is an expert on its conflicts and politics, as well as the future of the region. A frequent contributor to Fox News, CNN, and other national news outlets, Pinkas provides an incisive and trenchant analysis of current events around the globe.

A native of Tel Aviv, Israel, Alon Pinkas earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Hebrew University (summa cum laude) and a master’s in government from Georgetown University (cum laude). He began his career in foreign relations as an assistant military attaché to the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC, before serving as Chief of Staff/Minister of Foreign Affairs to both Shlomo Ben-Ami and David Levy. A key policy advisor to former Minister of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres and eventual Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Pinkas was instrumental in Israel’s acceptance to the United Nation’s Western European and Others Group (WEOG).

Pinkas has extensive experience writing on international relations for the Jerusalem Post, Maari, and the Davar Daily. Read Less ^

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