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Angel  Colon

Angel Colon

Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivor & Inspirational Motivator 


When Angel Colon decided to go out for a fun night with his friends on June 11th 2016, he had no idea that by the early morning hours of June 12th, his life would be changed forever. Read More >

Born and raised in Massachusetts and a current resident of Orlando, Florida, Angel Colon is a 26-year old, full of life and survivor of once the deadliest shooting in US history. The Pulse Nightclub attack killed 49 people and left over 50 wounded — including Angel, who was shot multiple times in his leg and side. He sustained injuries that affected his right leg, both his hips and suffered a shattered femur. Despite his wounds, Colon used his strong spiritual grounding, and positive outlook on life, to take a step towards helping others. In his presentations, Colon inspires audiences on the importance of diversity, overcoming obstacles and never taking life for granted. He confronts adversity in his daily life and uses his voice to spread a message of hope, forgiveness and positivity.

Since the shooting, Colon has been named one of the 2016 People of the Year by the well-known magazine The Advocate. The magazine recognizes Colon’s bravery- “when shooter Omar Mateen returned to the area where Colon was lying, the 26-year-old played dead as he had no other choice.” Colon travels the country spreading his message of ending gun violence, and protecting the values and beliefs of minorities and those that cannot speak for themselves. Now, an everyday hero within the LGBTQ and Hispanic communities, Colon is showing the nation how important it is to recover from tragedy and show resilience in the face of terror.

Colon is a dynamic keynote speaker that aims to inspire his audiences with love and hope. A compelling storyteller, Colon shares his life experiences and the obstacles he faced prior to the deadly attack at Pulse, and his permanent road to recovery afterwards. No matter who the audience is, Colon’s journey of triumph and resilience is a story for our times. Read Less ^

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The Pulse That Never Stops Beating: A Conversation with Angel Colon

After surviving the deadliest shooting in US history, Angel Colon is using his voice to spread a message of hope, forgiveness and love to audiences nationwide. A proud member of both the LGBTQ and Hispanic communities, Colon is an advocate for embracing diversity, respecting people’s differences and rising above in times of trouble. In this presentation, Colon shares his rollercoaster life story, and how all of his accomplishments and successes were almost taken away because of one person’s hate. He celebrates the courage of his fellow survivors and the valiant first responders, and remembers those that lost their lives. His presentation will motivate and inspire audiences to take on the challenges and prejudices that the diverse communities our country was built on face daily.

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