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Carmen Rita Wong

Carmen Rita Wong

Personal Finance Expert and CEO & Founder, Malecon Productions, LLC.


Carmen Rita Wong is the CEO and Founder of Malecon Productions, a multimedia content company. She is one of the only Latinas on American television to host a daily national news program, CNBC’s On the Money and has been a national advice columnist for Glamour, Latina, Essence and Good Housekeeping as well as an expert with NBC’s TODAY Show, MSNBC, CNN, CBS This Morning, a regular on ABC’s The View, and has written for The New York Times. Read More >

A guest of the White House as a member of President Obama’s ‘Business Forward’ initiative to further African-American, Latino and Asian business owners, Carmen was also a faculty professor at New York University and is the author of two best-selling financial advice books, including The Real Cost of Living. A seasoned speaker, moderator and New Yorker, Carmen serves on the board of several nonprofit organizations and most-importantly, is ‘Mami’ to a young daughter. Her first novel—one of a series—came out in May 2016 entitled Never Too Real. The savvy, scandalous, and wise new novel is about four close friends who have earned the best of everything, but are forced to decide what they can afford to lose.

Whether she is speaking to audience of executives, salespeople, financial professionals, or college students, Carmen Rita Wong offers an information-rich presentation that can mean the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and saving for a comfortable retirement. The result is an audience that walks away feeling confident in managing their hard-earned dollars, as well as motivated and empowered as they make their way through the often intimidating waters of personal finance. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Mind Over Money

Why is it, with all the information out there, we just can’t seem to get a handle on our money? Because money isn’t just about your bills, your income, or math. It’s about you. In this talk, Carmen reveals the three components of your psychology that set you up to struggle with money and how insight into how our emotions, biases, and identities can lead us to a much happier relationship with one of the most important aspects of our lives. 

Love & Money

Financial arguments are still a top cause of break-ups in couples and lead to many family rifts. Why do we have such trouble with our loved ones and money? From siblings to aging parents, romantic partners and spouses to business partners, Carmen reveals the real reasons why we fight—Hint: It’s not about the money!—and presents the tools to help us stop the conflict once and for all.

A Woman's Worth

What is our role as women in earning what we’re worth? How can we capitalize on what research shows are our advantages—our tendency to build and maintain communities; to be efficient; to look before leaping, etc—to earn more and feel more successful at what we do? For many years, as a national advice columnist for several of the largest women’s magazines in the world, Carmen has heard from and spoken to thousands of women about their money. Here, she presents an inspiring, motivational look at how we, as women, can redefine our success and our worth, as well as take control of our money. 

Money, Color & Culture

We are the product of the cultures around us, from childhood through adulthood. How does our race and ethnicity influence how we manage our money? What kinds of advice are we getting from our community that does and does not work for our finances today? What are the particular struggles in our communities that influence how we manage our own money? As a Latina-American who is also of black and Asian descent, Carmen offers a unique cultural perspective on how our race and culture shape our financial behaviors and what we can do to make the best decisions for ourselves, as well as give back to our communities.

Never Too Real

From national television screens to millions of magazine readers, the road to success has been paved with challenges for Carmen as a woman of color. But in her journey as the daughter of immigrants, working for nearly two decades in the very white, male worlds of media and finance, Carmen managed to not only find, and help build, a tremendous—and powerful—community of women across all races, but she has reinvented herself many times over, smashing through every closed door and ceiling along the way. Read More >

On the heels of her new novel, the first in a series, Carmen shares her inspiring personal and professional journey as an American Latina of black and Asian descent and the secrets she found to navigating the world as it is, while carving a unique path. Read Less ^