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Cathy  Areu

Cathy Areu

Founder of Catalina Magazine & Fox News Correspondent “Liberal Sherpa”


Cathy Areu, a print journalist at heart, is the founding publisher of Catalina magazine — the first Latina magazine dedicated to breaking the stereotypes of Latinos in the U.S. since 2001. Catalina magazine is an international, bi-monthly lifestyle magazine found digitally and in print, with a global reach of over 400 million readers. Read More >

In 2006, she published her first book of high-profile interviews, Latino Wisdom; and in 2008, she began her television career as news analyst on CNN, HLN, and MSNBC. She’s currently working on her second non-fiction book: We’re Only Human, based on a variety of VIP interviews with politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and other notables.

Cathy Areu is currently known as the “Liberal Sherpa” on Fox News’ top primetime show Tucker Carlson Tonight. She is also a regular commentator on Fox’s top-rated shows including Fox and FriendsHannityThe Ingraham AngleWatters WorldCavuto LIVE, and more.

Cathy is currently the host of two podcasts: The Liberal Sherpa (in English) and CATALINA: Conversaciónes VIP (in Spanish). 

From 200 to 2012, Cathy worked as a contributing editor for the Washington Post Magazine — interviewing notables inside the Beltway including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, FBI Director Robert Mueller, President Jimmy Carter, First Lady Laura Bush, Civil Rights Leader Dorothy Height, Animal Activist Jane Goodall, and many more. 

During President George W. Bush’s final year in office, Cathy served as a Senate-approved, Senior advisor in communications for Health and Human Services.

Cathy Areu's work as a leading Latina in media and business has been recognized by companies and organizations including the Oxygen Network, the Global Diversity Group, the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Florida State University, and Nova Southeastern University. In fact, in 2014, Manhattan proclaimed October 14 “Cathy Areu Appreciation Day.” Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

A Guide: To Academic Achievement for Diverse Students, Built on a Lifetime Of Experience & Caring

Meet Cathy Areu, or maybe you already know her. She has built a career, not shy, but driven to break stereotypes, show others her diverse world, and reveal that anything is possible when there’s belief in the small things — like a Latinx little girl who went against many odds. (In this case, Cathy is that young child of immigrants who was told not to speak English until she was 6 ... but she’s not unlike many students facing any diversity and challenges today.) Read More >

Yes, we know today’s student body is diverse. But, according to the census over the past 20 years, it’s actually been very diverse, and changing, with no signs of slowing down. This, Cathy knows for a fact — as a diverse ESL (English as a Second Language) student turned ESL teacher turned immigrant college graduate student (in Holland) to college professor in Europe and back to the U.S.

Finally, this all led Cathy to share her experiences as a faculty instructor, speaking about her diverse world with European graduate professors; to Kentucky public school staff and students; to Chicano college students in Baylor, Texas; to university diversity language and media departments in Tallahassee, Fla. With a masters in Education and a passionate for fellow professionals, Cathy can prove that she’s walked the walk and is talking the talk.

From African, African American, Latino, Latinx, to Gender Studies, there’s a goal we all must achieve: to increase the development of culturally responsive instruction and a curriculum for the diverse student on campus. As a student, Cathy wanted and needed to be seen and heard. As a faculty member, everyone must remember to see and hear all students. And, as Cathy loves to point out, it’s easy because it’s all about caring. And that’s what everyone in education does every day. Care.

Diversity is about a history, a background, a culture, and a life that naturally creates and inspires a culturally relevant curriculum. It’s imperative to the academic success of all students in a learning environment. Let’s facilitate and develop an equitable learning experience for all diverse students to increase their academic achievement.

If Cathy believes her successful learning environment — of being seen and heard — led to so many dreams being reached, then that’s the answer! Seeing and caring. As a teacher, a professor, and a professional development speaker, Cathy sees and hears from so many! From diverse students to passionate educators and faculty — everyone cares — and dreams do come true.

Let’s see and hear our next generation of diverse students because, we know, the sky is the limit when we work together. Read Less ^

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