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Dallas  Arcand

Dallas Arcand

Canadian Aboriginal Entertainer


Dallas Arcand is an Aboriginal entertainer from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Plains Indian Cree Nation, located near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is broadly talented but best known for his achievements as a hoop dancer, a motivational speaker, and a musician. Read More >

Arcand has been a World Class Hoop Dancer for 14 years.  In 2007, he won 1st prize at the Annual World Championship Hoop Dancing Competition in Arizona as well as the right to bear the title of World Champion Hoop Dancer for the second consecutive year. In both 2005 and 2004, he received second place honors with an impressive showing.

In addition to being a dancer, Arcand was a finalist in a national singing contest called “Aboriginal Icon in Winnipeg,” which featured Canada's best singers, songwriters, and performers. He also plays Aboriginal acoustic instruments and is best known for playing the native flute.

A talented musician, Arcand has developed a unique singing and songwriting style—indigenous hip-hop—and performs under the name Kray‹Z›Kree on his debut CD REZalationzzz....

In 2006, Arcand was a featured hoop dancer on the Aboriginal People's Choice Awards and before that, he filmed a vignette titled Aboriginality that aired on Bravo TV. He was also featured on a television production called Kanata, which was directed and produced by Tom Jackson.

Dallas Arcand facilitates workshops for aboriginal people of all ages, speaking on topics that range from self-awareness and personal motivation to music and parenting skills. Read Less ^

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