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Dave  Hollis

Dave Hollis

Dad of 4 Rad Kids, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Coach & Podcast Host


Dave Hollis’ purpose on this planet is to encourage people to step toward their calling while equipping them with the tools to lead an exceptional life. Read More >

Dave is a New York Times best-selling author, host of the popular Rise Together podcast, keynote speaker, and life and business coach. Dave’s history includes CEO of a media start-up, President of Sales for the film studio at The Walt Disney Company, talent manager across film, tv, and music, along with work in publicity, research, and technology in the entertainment sector.

Dave is the father to four kids, a four-time foster parent, an avid runner, a sports memorabilia enthusiast, and the proud owner of a 1969 Ford Bronco.

Dave’s philanthropy exists via the Dave Hollis Giving Fund where acting as an ally to the needs of children in foster care, teen homelessness and food insecurity have been a recent focus for grants.

Dave has sat on the board of the membership committee for the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences, of which he is a member, and on the boards of Fandango Labs, Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers, National Angels and his alma mater Pepperdine’s Institute for Entertainment Media and Culture. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Leading Through Change

Change has proven to be a guarantee that promises opportunity for those who choose to seize it. As a leader with a track record in traditional media who worked through the home entertainment transitions of VHS to DVD to Blu-ray, and the theatrical transition to shortened windows and the proliferation of streaming, along with experience in non-traditional media who’s navigating real-time opportunities and challenges in a post-Covid world, Hollis shares his experiences of leading through change. Read More >

Talking about: Read Less ^

  • the difference between insurgent and incumbent mentalities,
  • the thermostat versus thermometer leader,
  • the importance of a new playbook when the game changes

“Closing the Gap”

Hollis wants people to really get honest with where they are, clear on where they’re going, and detailed about what it’s going to take to get there. That vision of who they’d need to be to become who they’re meant to become requires closing the gaps that might exist between how they’re showing up now, and how they’d need to show up to get there.