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David Peace Snyder

David Peace Snyder

Social Forecaster & Consultant


David Pearce Snyder has been in the forecasting business for over 30 years, during which he has built an impressive track record with his private and public sector clientele, while compiling a multi-million item data base of trends and projections. Snyder uses this data base to create detailed scenarios — "instant pre-plays" — of the most probable combinations of economic, technologic and social realities that specific industries, institutions, or individual communities or nations are likely to encounter during the next five to 15 years. Read More >

Drawing on his nearly 20 years experience as Life Styles Editor of The Futurist magazine, Snyder enriches his statistical projections and expert forecasts with insights and anecdotes of the human comedy, creativity — and distress — arising from society's adaptation to changing economic circumstances and new technology.

Snyder’s scenarios of the reliably foreseeable future serve as "reality checks" for his clients and audiences, helping them to distinguish the short-term fads in their operating environments from the long-term realities, and to separate conventional thinking from strategic thinking, while identifying the best practices and crucial commitments for companies, communities or countries to adopt in order to ride the roller coaster of revolutionary innovation and change to success and prosperity in the 21st Century and the information age.

Snyder has appeared on Nightline and the Today Show, and on CNN and MSNBC. He is Principal Partner of The Snyder Family Enterprise, a 30-member virtual consultancy that scans the print media for worldwide trends, developments and forecasts. Snyder and his partner, Dr. Gregg Edwards, Director of the Academy for Advanced and Strategic Studies, have authored dozens of articles and reports on the future of major institutions and industries, plus two books of unparalleled accuracy on the future of the United States: Future Forces and America in the 1990's, both published by the American Society of Association Executives, Washington, DC. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Welcome to the Future

After enduring 50 million layoffs and a quarter-century of falling wages, America has finally reached the prosperous phase of the Information Revolution. David Snyder takes you on a guided tour of the first decade of the 21st Century, during which mature, easy-to-use technology will empower all of us with chatty computers, "smart" tools and appliances, and a flood-tide of rising productivity that will lift everybody's boat.

Managing to Prosper in Revolutionary Times

Snyder spells out the specific managerial, organizational and operational changes and innovations that are enabling individual firms – and government agencies– to achieve consistently superior performance through comprehensive socio-technical transformation.

Living in the USA: 100 Million Households in Revolutionary Times!

A lively scenario depicting the ways that millions of families – America's most adaptive institutions – are dealing with the return of prosperity, and with living and working longer in a world increasingly filled with info-mated goods and services.

New Tools, New Rules, New Kinds of Schools

Now that our high-tech economy has actually "taken off," U.S. public schools will have to undertake a dramatic shift in their instructional methods if they are to provide all students a mastery of the information-handling skills that will be required by most jobs in the post-industrial workplace. Read More >

Snyder describes how a growing number of American communities are re-vitalizing their local education systems by integrating project work, community service and experiential learning with classroom instruction. Read Less ^

From Managed Care to Precision Care: The Info-Mation of American Medicine

After detailing recent break-through applications of info-com technology by U.S. health care providers, futurist Snyder describes how the integration of these individual successes into a single provider-patient support system over the next decade will cause the quality of U.S. health care to soar and its costs to fall as the superior performance of "precision care" eliminates the need for managed care.

High Tech and Free Trade in the 21st Century

Freed from the constraints of the Cold War and protectionist tariffs, the world’s economies are being turbulated by access to new markets and exposure to new competition. As the world’s political leaders and financial institutions seek to re-stabilize international commerce through regional trading blocs, the World Wide Web is fostering the rapid growth of new economic relationships and mutual interests, new flows of information, and a multitude of non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that will eventually become the basis of the post-industrial global economy.

E-Pluribus Unum

The Internet is the Info-Structure for "info-mated" production and management. Combined with our newly-matured computers, the Internet will transform the operations of all private and public enterprise, and dramatically alter how and where we live, shop, work and play in the U.S. during the decade ahead.