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Desmond  Clark

Desmond Clark

Insurance Executive, Financial Advisor & Former NFL Player


Desmond Clark was not predisposed to be successful in either football (where he had a stellar 12-year career in the NFL) or in business (where he became an insurance executive and an accomplished financial advisor). It is, he believes, specifically because he was not naturally inclined toward either that he’s been able to add value to corporations, associations, individuals, teams and more as their keynote speaker and/or coach. Read More >

The habits of success in life (personal) and business (professional) are the same habits of success in sports: goals need to be underpinned by plans; plans need to be underpinned by execution; and execution needs to be underpinned by a thoughtful, attentive, mindset and focus on personal vision.

It’s more complicated than that, as you know. But, also, Clark has found it isn’t. On a mission to share what he has learned, Clark continues to grow meaningful relationships and add value to everyone he meets. Read Less ^

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Principle of Winning

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Principles of Winning

There's a gap that must be filled between aspiration and sales execution. We all want to excel. We all have the intelligence to learn the process and techniques. However, to reach elite status and fulfill your vision, having lofty aspirations and learning the process is not enough. Read More >

Superior sales professionals who dominate their industry understand they must develop the mindset and mental toughness necessary to conquer the inevitable challenges and execute the work required with a standard of excellence.

This keynote will focus you on the key attributes to help develop the necessary mindset and mental toughness to become elite. Read Less ^

Principles of Winning in Leadership

This keynote address is an emotional and moving compilation of narratives from Desmond's early childhood through his 12-year NFL career. Desmond details the leadership qualities he developed that helped him lead the Chicago Bears to Super Bowl 41 and become a top sales professional and leader for Mass Mutual Chicago before finally branching out as an entrepreneur as co-owner of The Insurance People Agency in the Chicagoland area. Read More >

Whether on the field, in the classroom, or the boardroom, Desmond inspires and enlightens audiences in a heartfelt conversation on the power of leadership and how to create a standard of excellence. Read Less ^