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Dr. Kevin  Campbell

Dr. Kevin Campbell

Internationally Recognized Cardiologist


Dr. Kevin Campbell is an internationally recognized cardiologist and well-known national media personality. Dr. Campbell was raised in North Carolina, where he was educated at North Carolina State University. Dr. Campbell graduated as Valedictorian with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. He then attended medical school at Wake Forest University and was the recipient of the Fullerton Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Upon graduation, Dr. Campbell completed his Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia. He then completed a Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. Read More >

In addition, Dr. Campbell is a media expert and appears regularly on the national Fox News Channel, as well as nationally broadcast Fox Business Network. He provides expert commentary on healthcare policy, new medical technologies, as well as the medical “news of the day”. Locally, Dr. Campbell serves as the official on-air Medical Expert for NBC affiliate WNCN in Raleigh, NC. He appears LIVE on camera for his own weekly medical segments for the morning news show WNCN Today.

Dr. Campbell is recognized as a leader in the use of social media in medicine and is a highly sought after speaker, both in the US and abroad. Dr. Campbell has a particular passion for addressing gender disparities in care and prevention of sudden cardiac death in women. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

The Use of Social Media in Medicine

Social Media use is increasing across all demographics. In fact, the fastest growing group of Twitter users is now in the 45-65 year old age group. Physicians and patients can now use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to interact. Social media is a wonderful platform from which to educate, engage and support. In this talk, Dr. Kevin Campbell will discuss the unique aspects of each social media outlet and how each can be specifically applied to the medicine and healthcare space. He shares data that clearly suggests that patient engagement can improve outcomes and explores the ways in which social media channels can be used to promote engagement among patients, families, doctors, hospitals and insurers — ultimately improving outcomes.

Closing the Gap: Addressing Gender Disparities in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in the US today. More women than men die from heart disease each year. Yet, women remain undertreated and underserved when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Women are less likely to receive advanced therapies for the treatment of heart disease and are much less likely to be appropriately diagnosed on presentation to a health care provider. In this lecture, Dr. Kevin Campbell explores the problem of heart disease in women, discusses the root causes of the disparities in care and then discusses ways in which we can make changes to address these disparities in care and effect change. Ultimately, he discusses ways in which to empower women to take control of their own cardiovascular health.

Using Social Media to Transform Healthcare

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace — particularly in medicine. Patients are now more connected and able to track and record many health indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, blood sugar and respiratory rate. Mobile technologies allow for easy interaction among doctor, patient and healthcare system. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are effective in recruiting patients for clinical trials and connecting innovators and collaborators. Patients are becoming electronically connected. iPhones and other tools are increasingly being used as health data — new innovations are incorporating the iPhone technology into real time EKG machines, as well as being used as a key component in an artificial pancreas. In this talk Dr. Campbell discusses ways in which mobile technology and the electronic patient can utilize social media to improve care and encourage new innovationsm, ultimately improving outcomes and improving care for patients.

The Affordable Care Act & the Destruction of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Healthcare reform in the US today is a hot topic among doctors, insurers, patients and politicians. The implementation of the ACA law has resulted in millions of patients losing their insurance and changing the way in which they are able to access care. The numbers of “newly insured” number less than 25% of total enrollees. The majority of the enrollees in the exchanges are the result of shifts from previously insured (through their employers). By changing from private plans and subsequently enrolling in the exchanges, many patients have been forced to change primary care physicians and many have been forced to seek care in other healthcare system. For patients, this type of change can be devastating — many doctors and patients have built lifelong relationships based on trust and mutual respect. In this talk, Dr. Campbell explores the specific aspects of the ACA that have resulted in these types of changes. He also explores the importance of the doctor patient relationship on outcomes for patients and provides specific examples as to how the ACA has limited access and negatively impacted care.

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