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enra is a visual dance performance team that presents one-of-a-kind entertainment in fusion with animation background images. The images are created by the digital artists and the performances by the specialists of various genres. The images used in the performances are not limited to graphics, but extended to art works and interactive staging as never before imagined. Read More >

The members include Nobuyuki Hanabusa, Tsuyoshi Kaseda, Maki Yokoyama, Saya Watatani, Tachun, Yusaku Mochizuki and Kazunori Ishide. They are all top class performers with advanced skills and expressions who come from the various backgrounds including martial arts, gymnastics, ballet, animation dance, juggling and street dance. You can tell how unique this team is in one glance of the lineup. 

When the simple graphics and the performers' choreography synchronize, the show frees the audiences' imaginations from the physical limitations of space, gravity, or speed! Read Less ^

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enra Creates Magic by Fusing Technology & Performance Art

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